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Frost T (Good Non-Sectarian Fun)

The English have a Christmas theater tradition called a Panto, a humorous, often raunchy, show with lots of word play. That tradition is kept alive in north Jersey every year by the What Exit? Theatre Company, which this year performs Frost-T, a parody of last year's bruhaha over the singing and playing of Christmas songs in the Maplewood schools. As an added attraction, one of the players is the beloved Harry Patrick Christian, a regular on all the local stages in Baristaville and teacher to many of our tiniest thespians. Frost-T runs Dec. 16-30 at the Burgdorff Cultural Center in Maplewood. Call 973.763.4029 for times.

December 15, 2005




Alexander Kariotis and the Rock & Roll Orchestra

- Saturday, December 17th at 8pm -

St. George's Church
550 Ridgewood Road
Maplewood, NJ

Saturday, December 17th - $15 advance/$17 door


"Alexander Kariotis and the Rock and Roll Orchestra is a newly-formed performance, a surprising fact that audience members would never guess. The sound is flawless, and the delivery tight. The ten-member group has a definite chemistry, and Alexander Kariotiss magnetic charisma connects him effortlessly to the crowd. "

Posted by: rz | Dec 15, 2005 11:22:14 AM