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Priced to Sell

Glen_ridge_mansion What's a matter? You can't even get $2 million for a mansion anymore?

This custom-built spec house, which replaced a ranch at the corner of Ridgewood and Old Oak Road in Glen Ridge, was originally priced at $2.2 million. It's down to a mere $1.995 and the taxes are just a trifling $32,016 a year.

We hear Michael Strahan's in the market...

Meanwhile, another little bizarre twist in the world of local real estate, in which Barista helps sell a house!

In case you missed these comments on our front page, here's a heartwarming story of someone who started a blog, was linked to by the Barista, and sold her house as a result!

Here's another example of Barista product placement that just worked wonders for this stepmama : your generous link to my blog was stumbled upon by a couple who decided to buy our house, and were researching the neighborhood on beloved Baristanet! They mentioned my blog in the lovely letter they wrote about why they wanted to buy the home. Nice!

June 30, 2005