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Craving McMansions

60undercliff Is bigger really better? Seems a lot of new buyers in Montclair with money to burn want land, lots of land, and rooms to spare. According to realtor Roberta Baldwin, there are currently 10 houses with sales pending for more than a million. Then there's the anticipated May sale of 60 Undercliff (left). With the highest list price so far ($3,900,000), it may have set a record. The last highest known sale, 54 South Mountain (below right), went for $3 million this past June, after 197 days of waiting. 54southmountain_1 On the market now is 40 South Mountain, the kind of home that puts the "estate" in Montclair's Estate Section. Listed at $3,695,000, the 15,000 square foot home has a 39 X 21 foot living room, a library, office, family roon, den, and oh, yes, 11 bedrooms. What's it like sleeping in the big house? For starters, there's a fireplace in the master bedrom (one of six in the entire house). For $3,695,000, we hope servants come with the house. When there's a confirmed price for 60 Undercliff, you'll find it below, in recent sales.

March 7, 2005