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April  29

Cyber Safety On TV

Tune in tonight, as ABC reports on Internet safety and uses Baristaville as an example. Montclair Public Schools will be part of the program; as a crew taped a March 16th school workshop focusing on strategies and techniques for protecting kids online. The show, "Protecting Our Children: Learning Who's Dangerous," airs tonight at 7 pm.

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March  15

Now That's Quality Television

Mar1635 If you're not otherwised engaged this evening at 8 o' clock, you can catch our own Debbie Galant (looking lovely, albeit a little spacey) on Inside Montclair, in action, signing books at Watchung Booksellers. You'll also spy a chef from Nauna's do wild things with prosciutto-wrapped shrimp. Remember, you can only see this kind of programming, and of course the refuse/recycling bulky waste collection calendar, on Channel 34. Mar1627_1

For the uninitiated (or as we like to call them, Wayne Robbins virgins), Inside Montclair, (otherwise referred to as "you know, the show with the man in the big hat"), airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 8 pm.

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daily dish

January  26

Bill Pascrell: Better Know Him

Last night, after describing New Jersey as the home of sharpshooters Annie Oakley and Robert Blake, Comedy Central’s Steve Colbert spent a moment with our five-term congressman to share the 8th district’s profile with the rest of   America.  Bill described Jersey’s 8th (“Jersey” sounds hip, cool, Bill reported) as more diverse (he’s using the “D”word) than New York City. Commenting on Bush’s decision to invade Iraq, he said the president “has screwed up royally”.   Colbert also brought up Pascrell’s suppport of legislation introduced to counter the negative Italian stereotypes which are reinforced by…The Sopranos! Although Colbert cast doubts on the Congressman’s own Italian heritage (Pascrell doesn’t “end in a vowel”) he was quick to defend his ethnic roots. And when asked “Did you take money from Jack Abramoff?” we noticed his quick Soprano-esque Jersey reply…”I dunno him, I don’t wanna know him.”

To see a replay of last night's segment, tune in today
to Comedy Central's, "The Colbert Report" at 2:30pm, and 8:30pm.

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daily dish

December  19

Remember This?

MyManMisterC (a.k.a Matthew Caruso)and his bride-to-be Emily on Millionaire. Well, she was on today and just walked with $16,000. Congratulations!!!


Meanwhile, she called Caruso as a phone-a-friend, and he answered this question correctly. Do you know the answer?

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daily dish

October   4

Rooting For Emily

Emily22We may have a new friend to borrow money from, if Emily Jensen makes it through her paces during taping today of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. Jensen's Baristaville connection? She is the fiance of none other than My Man Mister C (a.k.a. Matt Caruso), who writes about his beloved on his blog, The Daily Doormat. You'll remember Caruso as the brains behind the branding campaign known as Me First Montclair. The couple went into tryouts hoping to get on the show's Pay to Play for your wedding edition. Jensen got the call that the couples version was filled, but they wanted her for a taping of the show today.

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September  26

Shooting From The Curb

Besides Desperate Housewives last night, folks in Baristaville with HBO were more than likely glued to their seats for "Everyman" Larry David and the season opener of "Curb".  If you haven't watched it yet, we won't spoil it, except to say there was much ado about a sandwich called the "Larry David" and scalping tickets to temple. Meanwhile...

Sandwich_3 As far as we know, Baristaville doesn't have a place where we can buy sandwiches named after our local luminaries (although one Montclair deli, right, does let you eat the street that you live on). If you could build a sandwich and name it after yourself or someone else (i.e. Dick Grabowsky, Steven Plofker, Ed Remsen, Debbie Galant) what would it be? And would it taste good washed down with a Baristarita?

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daily dish

September   8

Baristaville Visited By Talking Heads

Firedept_2Montclair makes Eyewitness News tonight as the efforts to fill up a truck with goods at the Pine Street Fire Dept. gets noticed. Reporting at the scene was Jen Maxfield, who described a truck being filled up with donations in a single day due to an outpouring of generosity from quick responders. Essex County was given credit for other efforts; camera crews caught up with a library in Bloomfield organizing donations as well as restaurants in Newark donating proceeds from meals to help Katrina victims.

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daily dish

July  30

Weird Knows No Limits

Markandmark Kudos to the Weird NJ guys who have managed to parlay their Weird vision to new and national extremes. On the History Channel (sneak preview tomorrow night; debut Monday at 10 pm), is Weird US . It promises to trace "bizarre and unusual stories of American history that have fallen through the cracks--and maybe were meant to stay there."

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June  26

Flipping Gets Respectable

Say what you want about flipping, as some of you actually already have, but the esteemed Discovery Home Channel plans to explore the anxiety, triumphs and tribulations of the sport in a new reality show, Flip That House. From the press release:

With the world premiere of FLIP THAT HOUSE, created by Emmy-winning producer R.J. Cutler, Discovery Home Channel showcases a real estate gamble that a growing number of home owners are playing.  FLIP THAT HOUSE tells the real stories of people gutsy enough to buy a fixer-upper, gambling that they can “flip” that home from wannabe to where-to-be…and turn a profit. Each 30-minute episode features a different “flip” project with unique and unpredictable challenges.  Some flip projects require minimal work, perhaps as little as a coat of paint, while others prove to be more challenging, especially if a flipper purchases a historic home in need of restoration. Flippers run the gamut as well. Viewers are introduced to a few first-time flippers, including a pair of new parents who go over budget and over schedule to turn a profit, and a professional singer who delves into flipping as a daytime career. In episode two, although homeowner Kelly goes over budget with a hip home she purchased for $370,000, she ultimately lists her investment at $549,000, netting her a $124,000 profit.

Predictions: how long before the Discovery Channel comes calling to Montclair?

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daily dish

June  24

Bush And Friends

If you're near a TV, daytime programming is on hold as President Bush, along with the Iraqi prime minister, cuts in with a "special report" news conference.

Bush says he's enjoyed his time with minister Al-Jaafari, who he describes as "a frank, open fella." Wonder how that translates in Iraq...

Al-Jaafari returns the compliment, calling Bush "frank and transparent..."

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