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April  29

Adopt A Jackal

JacklogoTwenty-something Jackal ISO home run, bed & pillow in Baristaville, in exchange for inside baseball scoop, pitching a few balls, and guaranteed access to VIP baseball events.

Really? Families providing a bunk to minor league baseball players has become a tradition across the country, says NJ Jackals Director of Sales Brooke Kenna.  Last year, about 10 Baristaville families gave Jackals a room in their home for the summer season. This year the team would like another 20 baseball-loving families to host a Jackal from May 10 – August 31.  The ball players come from all over the country, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.  No feeding the athletes, though. All they’re looking for is a good night's sleep.

The look on your little leaguer’s face when a pro baseball player shows up at your home? Priceless.  Other benefits?  Two season passes to all the games, VIP parking, and invites to special Jackals events during the year, including the opening Hall of Fame Bash.  If you're interested in giving a Jackal a good home, call Pierson Van Raalte 973-655-8009.

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daily dish

April  20

Double Header Of Baseball Greats

Yankees060417_198 Snider_duke_2_1

Dave Kaplan, Director at the Yogi Berra Museum, and our favorite source of baseball factoids, is working his mojo for Baristaville Baseball fans. He's bringing a couple of baseball legends in this weekend for book signings and discussions: Duke Snider and Ron Blomberg.

"When I called Duke in California where he lives, he said he'd heard such great things about the Museum from guys like Don Zimmer and Sandy Koufax and was eager to visit." Kaplan also told us  "Duke Snider, one of the most famous baseball players of all time, was immortalized in the Terry Cashman song, 'Willie, Mickey and the Duke'. Duke Snider's real name is Edwin, but was given the nickname "Duke" by his hard-driving father because of his regal bearing at age 5.  He later became known as the Duke of Flatbush. Although Yogi and Duke, were great rivals when the Yankees played the Dodgers in the 1950s, now they are good friends, and will probably get together for dinner  in Montclair."

Ron "Boomer" Blomberg is flying in from Atlanta, where baseball's first "DH" - designated hitter - still enjoys a bit of cult celebrity.  He says, "I've been a "DH" my whole life: Designated Hebrew. He's taking a break in Baristaville from a loaded schedule of motivational speaking, fantasy camps and (now's your chance) scouting for the Yankees.

  • Duke Snider is at the Yogi Berra Museum to sign copies of his new book, “Few and Chosen: Defining Dodger Greatness Across the Eras.”   3 p.m, Saturday, April 22.
  • Former Yankee Ron Blomberg will discuss his quirky experiences during the 1970s  as the team’s “Great Jewish Hope”. He'll be signing copies of his new autobiography, “Designated Hebrew,” share a few laughs, then be off in search of Baristaville's best bagel with a schmear.   2 p.m., Sunday, April 23.   973-655-2378.
  • Both events are free if you purchase a book. Otherwise, $6 adults/$4 little leaguers.

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daily dish

March  23

Baristaville Baseball Junkies, Step Up To The Plate!

Ygoi_museum This Sunday March 26, at 1p.m. the Yogi Berra Museum  is hosting a huge pow-wow of baseball know-it-alls and you are invited to join in...What's the impact of the steroid scandal for  Barry Bonds? Is  Kaz Matsui the worst-ever foreign investment? And can Johnny Damon find love, stardom, and centerfield in Yankee Stadium?  Steve Goldman, and eight editors of the Baseball Prospectus 2006, will be at the museum to discuss the controversies and offer up their predictions for the upcoming season. The roundtable discussion will take place in the museum's very cool stadium-like theatre. Ask the experts anything you've ever wanted to know.  Fantasy Baseball players - bring your notebooks - it's an excellent recon opportunity for your fantasy team.

To win a couple of free tickets to Sunday's event, be the first one to correctly answer this question:

"Who is the only man to play for the Yankees, the Knicks, and the Rangers in the same year?"

After the fact-finding mission is over, check out the autographed Yankees Cow and see Yogi's personal collection of diamond-studded championship rings.

Yogi_cow   Yogi_theatrej259

And this famous "Yogi-ism" will make sense if you're familiar with Highland Avenue in Montclair:    

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it."

Yogi Berra Museum at MSU, 8 Quarry Road, Little Falls. 973-655-6894. $6 Adults, $4 Kids

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daily dish

February   3

Serve The Kids Squash

If the YMCA’s Dodgeball was a little too controversial -- but you still wanna run your kids ragged -- what about squash?  The Park Street Y is offering five free clinics for kids ages 10 – 18 beginning this Sunday morning. And -- get this – you  don’t have to be a Y member.  The clinic, run by NY’s Street Squash Youth Program, will set them up with the goggles, rackets, balls, and fun. You must reserve your kid’s spot ASAP.  Contact Larry Klink at MYSquash@comcast.net or Mike Nolan at MCNfarmer@aol.com

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daily dish

September  19

When The Saints March in Tonight

Plenty of tickets available to tonight's Saints "home opener" at Giants Stadium, as the field gets a gold and black makeover, 600 survivors from the Big Easy will be flown in for the event and Eddie Compass, the city's police chief, as well as George Bush Sr., will be on hand for the the coin flip.

"We're sympathetic, but once you step on the field, football's football," said defensive end Michael Strahan. "That guy across from me is not trying to be my friend once we're out there, and I'm not trying to be his, either. We're playing to win. We're not going out there to put on a show and let these guys win the game."

Strahan may not get the chance -- as of today, he still may be backing out due to back spasms. Will the Saints coming off a win pull another off tonight? And who are you rooting for?

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daily dish

September  10

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Tailgate_party Glen Ridge is. Folks are excited about a game today at 1 pm against Pennsylvania's Bishop McDevitt. Baristanet hopes you kick some ass make us proud.

Before the game, there's a tailgate party in the municipal employees parking lot on Herman Street. Here, helmets wait for donations to Glen Ridge Football.

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daily dish

May  16

You Go Girls!

Happymounties_1 From sidelinechatter, news of Montclair High's softball team big weekend win. The team made the Essex County finals for first time in the school's history. Amanda Bowers, Rebecca Houston and Meg Mylan (left) celebrated a 3-1 semifinal victory over Livingston on Saturday. Next stop -- the Essex County Tournament championship game to face Caldwell.

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