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Love our daily dish? Our weekly yard sale and entertainment listings? Well, we can't live on adulation alone. Support Essex County's favorite new e-zine by buying a Barista t-shirt or latte mug. And when they ask "What's Barista?" — tell them it's the hot new place to find out everything going on. Or, if you're wearing your t-shirt, simply turn around.
T-SHIRT Front and Back of T-Shirt
Our 6.1-once Hanes Beefy Silver   t-shirt is soft and stylish, and our women's version is styled with shorter sleeves and a scoop neck. Black with white lettering. The Barista logo on the front and our definition on the back. Smaller sizes on back order. Contact us. $15 adult sizes, $12 youth sizes includes tax and local delivery.
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Select a Size

Our 16-oz latte mug is big enough to serve soup in! Buy one for $10 or a set of 4 for $30. White with black lettering. Prices include tax and local delivery.
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