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April  24

Queer Guy For The Show Crowd

9 The Junior League Showhouse & Gardens is almost upon us and the Montclair-Newark ladies have scored a celeb. Ted Allen will speak and cook at the Showhouse on May 25. He'll also hawk his new tome, "The Food You Want To Eat."

Tickets for the evening event are $65.

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daily dish

February  11

Do I Hear A Razzberry?

While there was no Oscar nod for Tommy Cruise, we’re betting he’ll be a double winner at this year’s Razzie Awards.

Glen Ridge’s most infamous thespian is up for the Worst Actor Award for his performance in “War of the Worlds” and is also the only male named - in two of the five nominations - in the Razzies new category of “Most Tiresome Tabloid Target”. Could be a slam-dunk for the hunk.

But Tom has tough some competition for Worst Actor prize, he’s up against Will Ferrell (Bewitched, (Kicking & Screaming),Rob Schneider (Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo), Jamie Kennedy (Son of the Mask) and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (Doom)  The losers winners are announced on March 4th, one night before the Oscars.

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daily dish

January  18

Apothecary Jars, My Ass!

Rite_aid_1 Sure, Liz found a venerable old apothecary going out of business in Montclair, selling off one-of-a-kind cash registers and cool urine signs. Well, the Barista's going to go out on a limb and tell you about another drugstore going out of business, the Rite-Aid in Glen Ridge (next to Bottle King), where everything in the store is marked down 40 to 60 percent off. Yes, ladies, if you go all Pavlovian at the makeup section of CVS, you'll be drooling at this. True, the stock is a little thin, but how does this sound -- $31.32 for lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, bubble bath, foundation, mascara, more eye shadow, curl & twirl smoothing balm and a pound of hazlenut coffee? We thought so.

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daily dish

January   2

Unpolished Appeal

Disheveled, natural, definitely un-metrosexual. That's the way Jersey guy Samuel Alito is supposed to show up, despite coming from well-coiffed Sopranoland. From the New York Times...

"He will have a couple hairs out of place," one participant said. "I am not sure his glasses fit his facial features. He might not wear the right color tie. He won't be tanned. He will look like he is from New Jersey, because he is. That is a very useful look, because it is a natural look. He's able to go toe-to-toe with senators, and at the same time he could be your son's Little League coach."

Who cares what he looks like. What's more alarming is this...

Like the chief justice, Judge Alito displayed an encyclopedic mastery of Supreme Court rulings. And again like the chief justice, he spoke at length without drinking from the pitcher of water or sampling the cookies on the table before him, participants said.

No cookies!?!

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daily dish

November  25

Buy Anything Yet?

Hardcore Black Friday shoppers have already been out for hours. Here's where the deals are. And if you wonder how this whole thing started, the Star Ledger claims Jersey roots.

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daily dish

October  31


Skeletoncrew Who gives the best candy? Is your block worth the trip? A tipster writes that Reigate Road has a scary maze for folks to traverse if they dare.

Share your Baristaville trick or treating recommendations.

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daily dish

September   2

Introducing the Showhouse (Showdog Included)

4stonebridge The Junior League of Montclair Newark has zeroed in on its showcase house for 2006. The home selected is actually two properties, 4 and 4A Stonebridge Road, located in Montclair's Estate Section, consisting of a grand main house and a carriage house. When I went to snap the home, a friendly dog ambled across the property over to me and was so gregarious, he actually hopped into my open car. After gently shooing the doggy out, he scampered off to play on the magnificent grounds. Here's the doggy to the manor born...

Doggie Sure, the pup isn't a bold-faced name like Michael Strahan, owner of the last showhouse, but we hope he makes some star-like demands to the designers, maybe for a specially designed dog house with a plush doggy pillow.Gate

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daily dish

August  22

Cheers To Conan!

We've got a signature drink(!), courtesy of Conan the Grammarian. Now we just need a bartender...

La Baristarita

(Based on a bon mot by Miss Martta and a suggestion from State Street Pete. Soon to be a Major Motion Picture)


1 industrial-strength Briggs and Stratton Blender – we are not taking prisoners, here. 2 ounces of Grand Marnier Centennial – because nothing is too good for Baristavillians. Those of you more economically-minded may substitute Triple Sec.

6 ounces of every-day Tequila. If you are not on a budget, substitute Herra Durra Aejo, Sauza Hornitos, or the premium Tequila of your choice.

2 ounces of Everclear 180-proof grain alcohol (Essence de Snark). If you wimp out on this, add 2 more ounces of Tequila.

1 small can of Minute Maid frozen lime juice, thawed (why squeeze when you can open?).

2 ounces of simple syrup (or 2 tsp. bar sugar) – we are all tart enough.

2 tbs. Key Lime Curd available at Stonewall Kitchen and probably at Whole Foods, if you grovel enough). Cracked ice (preferably made from Mountain Valley Spring water).

Splash of Passion Fruit nectar (we may not always agree, but we are never – ever – bland).

Rind of White Rhinoceros to garnish. The hell with the tree huggers.


Mix the tequila, orange liqueur, optional Everclear, thawed lime juice, sugar/syrup, and Key Lime Curd in the blender at low speed for 10-15 seconds to combine.

Add cracked ice and turn blender to "Annihilate" until motor begins to smoke – about 30 seconds.

Strain through a $300 colander into crystal Margarita "birdbath" glasses.

Swirl in Passion Fruit syrup, and garnish with Rhino Hide.


Of course. Don't be ridiculous.

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daily dish

August   8

Buff Buyers Wanted

Comfortable with nudity? Have we got a vacation house for you -- unless one of our neighbors has already snapped it up. From the Star Ledger:

It's a three-story colonial with a formal dining room, thick mahogany doors, leaded-glass windows and an enclosed porch. A spring-fed lake is just steps away, past two tennis courts and a hot tub. The house sits on 145 acres of pristine Sussex County woodlands in a naturist resort.

It is priced very attractively at $395,000.

Three couples have shown interest in the house: a European nudist couple, a couple from Montclair and one from Manhattan. No one has made an offer.

We say take all three couples, plop them in the house and film a reality show. We'd get naked just to watch.

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daily dish

August   5

Hotter Than A Bride In A Wedding Gown

Memeandfriends_2  Today was MeMe Roth's big day -- the Millburn mom/cupcake avenger's wedding challenge. Just to set the scene...it's August, 83 degrees and climbing, and you've asked women to join you in a challenge to fit into their wedding dresses. Unless you walked down the aisle in white terry cloth, this had to be a sweat fest. We caught a glimpse of MeMe, standing forlornly with a sign, and one other bride next to her, in the outdoor area reserved for doting fans of CBS' Early Show. We hear there was to be a procession scheduled at 9 am, through Central Park to Bethesda Fountain. For their sake, we hope they jump in the fountain at the end, or that people throw rice cupcakes water. Now MeMe is ready for her closeup...   

Meme That's her, standing on the left. You go, girl! Maybe she's got a bathing suit on underneath?

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