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March   8

It's Time to Play...

Tom_cruise_1 ...Glen Ridge theater trivia for fun and prizes! Well, two tickets to "Gypsy" this weekend at any rate. CONTEST CLOSED.

Contest #1: What injury made Tom Cruise give up sports and take up acting instead? What role was he playing in what show in Glen Ridge when an agent discovered him? If you have the answers, send them here.

The first three people to answer correctly each win 2 tickets to this weekend's performance, their choice which show.

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daily dish

January  21

The Show Must Go On (With Slight Changes)

Scott_good_2Update on the concert this Sunday featuring the music of RockRoots and the magic of Great Scott. If you have tickets for the 1 pm show, it's been cancelled; however, your tickets will be honored at the 4 p.m. show, which is going on as scheduled.

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November  19



The Gas Lamp Players present "Oliver!" at Ridgewood Ave. School in Glen Ridge this weekend. Shows Friday and Saturday nights at 8 pm and Saturday and Sunday afternoons at 2 pm. Tickets $8 and $10.



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October   4

The Show Must Go On... Literally

When Jerry Marino showed up at 5 pm on Friday night to prepare for Alliance Repertory Theater's penultimate performance of "The Guys," he found that the theater, located at 252 Liberty St. in Bloomfield, was not only locked up, but his key wouldn't fit. Marino, who is managing director of Alliance Rep, called the landlord, got no response, and ultimately found a last-minute venue at The Coffee Club Café, 151 Valley Rd., Montclair, which is owned by Alliance Rep board chair Cheri Dworkin.

Marino left people and signs at Bloomfield theater, raced over to the coffee house, created an ad hoc set and delayed the curtain by half an hour. "It's a simple play. Two actors. Two chairs and a table," Marino said. The production had to do without professional lighting.

Although Alliance gave members of the audience a 50 percent refund on their tickets, Marino said that people who saw the show were extremely gracious in their response.

Marino, who just announced last week that his company is moving to 180 Bloomfield Ave. in Montclair, believes the lockup occurred because the landlord is mad about the move. Alliance Rep was originally planning to take occupancy Nov. 1 but now plans to debut its next production, "The Country Club," at the Montclair location on Oct. 22.

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September  16

12 Miles West Making New Home

With_model Right now it doesn't look like much. The old Roberts Lost Picture Show on Bloomfield Ave., now home to 12 Miles West, has leaks in the roof, which has led to peeling paint throughout the house. There are blue plastic tarps, ladders, buckets, messes of all kinds. The heating and air-conditioning system needs a complete rehaul. On the new plywood floor laid down as the stage in the movie theater's old balcony, a popcorn bucket from movie house days catches rain.

And money is a problem too. 12 Miles West is now launching a $1 million capital campaign, and Bart is hoping that some generous roofer with artistic leanings might step forth and offer to fix the roof for free. But as artistic director points out various areas on a foam board model of the theater, his vision for it comes through. By the end of this month, he says, the balcony will be usable as the company's temporary main stage. Planned for the fall, performances by the Pushcart Players, Troupe of Vagabonds and the company's own performance of a radio play, "Merry Christmas, George Bailey," an adaptation of the Frank Capra classic, "It's a Wonderful Life."

The big event, planned for the first weekend in January, is "Tea for Three: Ladybird, Pat and Betty," by Eric Weinberger and starring Emmy-award winning Montclair actress Elaine Bromka.

Bart is psyched about the move to Bloomfield, "a community that is appreciative and welcoming to us," (they've already received a $34,000 block grant from the township), and in return, they're holding two open houses to allow the community to look around. This weekend -- Friday, Saturday and Sunday -- 12 Miles West will have an open house for its theater classes, inclulding free mini-workshops for kids. And on Sat. Oct. 30, there'll be a big open house for the whole neighborhood.

Holding the 12 Miles West sign, general manager Robert Carr.

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September  14

Theatrical Musical Chairs

Cat Morris here posting for the Barista who's been desperately trying to get online for the past hour.

She has this new story: Alliance Repertory Theater in Bloomfield is looking for space in Montclair. "I wish them the best of luck," said Lenny Bart, artistic director of 12 Miles West, which recently moved from Montclair to Bloomfield. He added that this confirms that there is a "Bloomfield Avenue corridor" stretching 5 miles (through Baristaville) filled with vibrant arts institutions. Jerry Marino, managing director of Alliance Rep, returned our call five minutes after we said they were moving.
``Right now, we're just looking,'' he said. ``There's nothing definite.''

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September   7

Oliver! Auditions

The Gas Lamp Players will hold auditions next Monday and Tuesday for the musical "Oliver!" The auditions will be at the Ridgewood Avenue Auditorium in Glen Ridge from 6:30- 9:30 pm and the performances will be Nov. 19, 20 and 21.

Keeping with the orphan theme, the Glen Ridge High School Drama Club has tentatively selected "Annie" as the spring musical.

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August   4

Jesus Christ Superstar
Actress Erin Barry will play Simon in the Talent Time Players production of "Jesus Christ Superstar," which opens Thursday night at Bloomfield Middle School. The show will run six nights, Thurs. through Sat. Aug. 5-7 and 12-14.

The Talent Time Players are affiliated with the Charles Seller Foundation, a Bloomfield institution created in 1950 to help a young man named Charles Seller, who lost his leg after being struck by a train. After the accident, Seller's family and friends put on a variety show to raise money for his medical expenses. The basic idea stuck, but the shows got more elaborate. A new beneficiary is selected each year.

This year, the show's proceeds will go to help David Cobel, 5, of Maplewood, who has survived a rare brain malignancy.

Gabe Martinez will star as Jesus in this year's production. Azudi Onyejekwe is Judas; Megan Macphee is Mary and Ralph Turano is Pilate.

All performances start at 8 pm at the Middle School at 60 Huck Road. Tickets are $8 and $10.

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July  31

Stage Mom Edition
Perhaps we are not 100 percent objective, but last night's production of Les Miserable at the Passaic Valley Summer Theater was -- what's the word? oh yes -- great.

Passaic Valley Summer Theater, traditionally a co-production of the drama clubs of Passaic Valley High School and Glen Ridge High School, actually drew talent from six local schools this year, including Bloomfield High School. Because the cast drew the top talent from such a wide area -- and with the involvement of three directors, Jeff Budd of Little Falls and Darren Gage and James Millar of Glen Ridge -- the show exceeded the standards of a typical high school musical. And with a revolving barricade and everything!

Matt Storm, who graduated from Bloomfield High School in June, starred as Jean Valjean. Glen Ridge High School graduates Brian Baskin and Emily Deptula were hilarious as Thenardier and Mme. Thenardier. Noah Levinson and Cary Gsell of Glen Ridge, the youngest members of the cast at age 12, share the role of Gavroch (Noah on Friday night and Sunday, Cary on Saturday).

Other local talent from Glen Ridge: Scott Pendergrass, Matt Frew, Jed Lubin, Jeremy Abramson, Greg Hernandez, Margot Levinson, Jesse Cohen and Emily Tumbleson. From Bloomfield: Gary Meffettone and Nicole Spiezio.

Other high schools represented were Passaic Valley High School, Verona High School, Columbia High School and West Orange High School.

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July  28

Jean Valjean Did Not Wear Flip-Flops

68 hours and 14 minutes to go.

Jeff Budd, director of Passaic Valley Summer Theater's performance of Les Miserables, gives notes to the cast and crew three days ahead of opening night. No watches, no ponytails and no flip-flops! And stop playing with those knives! "They're tempting. They make funny noises. Go buy one. Do not touch any prop that isn't yours."

What, you thought the magic just happens?

Les Miz is a co-production of Passaic Valley High School and Glen Ridge High School. Performances are at Passaic Valley on Main St. in Little Falls. This weekend July 30-Aug. 1. Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm., Sunday at 2 pm.

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