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January  15


Pazcub_lr69_2 Baristaville lensman Paul Zalewski got to hold an 8-week-old tiger cub this week while on assignment in Florida. Very cute. We just hope the critter stayed in Florida.

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daily dish

December  10

It Must Be Jelly 'Cause

Thumb_bear444The other bear is Jam. And the two big fellas are the stars of the Black Bear Exhibit and the babies of none other than Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo (or as we like to call him "Joey D.) who has gotten behind the Turtle Back Zoo in a big way. Except it's hard to get that word out without a hook. So they came up with one...

The Excecutive was on hand recently to congratulate the 5-year-old Rachel Eelman of North Haledon for being the 200,000th visitor to Essex's Turtle Back Zoo in 2005.

Says Joe: "Welcoming our 200,000th visitor is an important milestone in Turtle Back Zoo's history. It is gratifying, especially after all the work we did," he added. "Congratulations to 5-year-old Rachel Eelman and her family. I am proud that Turtle Back Zoo is one of her favorite places to visit and I hope being our 200,000 th visitor is a lasting memory for her and her family," the Executive said.

Note to Rachel: If Joey's gonna send your name to every media outlet in town, you must ask for something free, like a lifetime pass to the zoo, or at the very least a bearskin rug (faux, of course). The moral of the story -- the zoo looks great; go check it out.

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daily dish

November   7

When Paris Hilton Moves To Montclair

Accent on Flowers on Church Street has a shirt for her, and it's even on sale...


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daily dish

October  28

Life of the Party

Catherinerubin2Went to an off the hook Halloween party this week (for kids, no less) that was even more incredible for the fact that this woman, Catherine Rubin, from Music Together in Montclair and Caldwell, kept some 30 preschoolers not only entertained, but practically transfixed. Some kind of black magic, maybe, but it worked.

If you need entertainment for your next kiddie bash, contact her through her business Cats Meow Music (201-247-0052). If you have any other favorite entertainers for hire -- kiddie or adult -- post them here...

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daily dish

October  22

Why, Thank You!


Not as perplexing as this graffitti, but full of intrigue nonetheless. On the rock at the bus stop at Park and Wildwood, folks speculated about the message "You are beautiful!" and the possible object of admiration the writer was addressing. For a brief moment, everyone had a secret admirer. The most likely target of this message-- a teenage girl who lives close by. Unless, of course, someone just really digs rocks.

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daily dish

September   9

Isn't It Romantic

Mvc008f Gazebos -- they're not just for bus shelters anymore. In fact, Glen Ridge's gazebo was the site of a wedding this past Tuesday. Officiated by Mayor Carl Bergmanson, the happy couple shown here are Lina M.Cardenas of Roselle Park and Walter F. Fricke of Bloomfield. The wedding was the first held at Glen Ridge's gazebo. Now that the Watchung Plaza gazebo is no longer listing, we can paint it white, festoon it with tulle and let Bonjour Montclair cater the affair.

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daily dish

September   5

Fashionable Men of Glen Ridge



Winding up summer at the Glen Ridge pool, a potluck gathering complete with a Hawaiian shirt contest. The event was judged by the children's applause -- the winner is the man on the right. Photos sent by reader Charlie Potters.

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daily dish

July  10

What Will They Think of Next?

Lego_barista_2Start the caffeine habit in your children early, by making one of these nifty Lego Starbucks sets

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They Grow Up So Fast (*Sniff*)

Rocky_horror_devotees We perhaps are taking parental involvement and support too far when we deliver two Rocky Horror Picture Show virgins up to be sacrificed at the Bellevue Theater in Upper Montclair on a Saturday night, going so far as to find Rocky Horror virgin websites on the internet, read an article on Rocky Horror etiquette aloud to them like something from Mother Goose, and then drive them there in the family car. A mother knows that she has really crossed over the line when she prints out a page of a Rocky Horror participation script for them to study on the way there, only to discover that it contains all the potty-mouthed language she has been trying to prevent for years.Rocky_horror_virgini_3 At least we didn't sew up some little Rocky Horror bustiers to wear, or pack them little Rocky Horror totes filled with rice. And though it looked like a lot of fun, we didn't dare suggest we come along and watch too. We did kid about it, but they knew we were joking.

Face it, even she would look like an old lady in this crowd, and she was in it. Oh, to be young and wearing fishnets again!

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daily dish

July   4

Breakfast Club

Next year, we want an invite...


Some 54 adults and kids gathered for an annual breakfast before the parade on the 'island' on Clairidge Court. Each family brings something to share - nametags for all; street alumni and relatives invited as well. Funny, we just let our kids breathe in helium for breakfast today...

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