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May   7

House Party

In addition to Crisco, there are loads of other open houses today, including one for $2,000,000 on Inwood Ave, and this stunner above (get a load of the master) at 92 Union. For the list, go to Real Estate.

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daily dish

May   2

Your Town Haven Awaits

More townhouses in Montclair?


You can bank on it. See where at Real Estate...

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daily dish

May   1

May Day

06cover_mimartMay in Montclair kicks off today. Two gals we love -- Adriana O'Toole and Mary Tetzloff (chairperson of May in Montclair) will be at Watchung Plaza today at 12:30 pm for the Opening Ceremonies. For a May in Montclair events schedule, click here. If you haven't gotten your May in Montclair book (cover art shown here by Marilyn Dupre), look for it at Watchung Booksellers or drop by 258 Park Street and Adriana will give you one.

Meanwhile, today is also the reopening for Amazing Hot Dog, after a fire shuttered the shop.

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daily dish

April  24

Extreme Makeover: Irvington

Sunday school kids at St. George's Greek Orthodox Church in Clifton wrote in to the producers of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and their prayers for Beverly Turner of Irvington were answered. Turner has been a special mom to 18 adopted special needs children -- kids suffering from bi-polar disorder, autism and blindness, and in many cases, children who also came from homes where they were abused or neglected. Last September, Turner and the children lost their home in a fire. The Sunday school kids, as well as the Irvington mayor and Turner's neighbors joined together to help Turner. From the Star Ledger...

We sent that column all over the country to get people to write to the show," explained the Rev. George Orfanakos of St. George's Greek Orthodox Church in Clifton. "We got 10,000 signatures." Perspective_041306_email_2_2

He worked with a parishioner, Maria Serghides, a state social worker assigned to two of Beverly's children, and George Moshen, a friend, and Rachelle Burk, another social worker, to put together the 18-page application and DVD necessary to get Beverly's story to those who make decisions for the show.

The episode, “Turner Family,” will air during the 2006 season. The location address of the rebuild (rendered above) is: 79 Harrison Place, Irvington.

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daily dish

April  23

Come On Over!


Don't they look inviting? Maybe they'll even light the fire for you. Drop on over and test ride these homes, or a host of others open today for snooping sale. Parkstreet_2

For the complete list (thanks Sharon!) go to Real Estate.

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daily dish

April  20

Taste Emporium

Readers' reviews were mixed on the former Coffee Club Cafe.  But the space has got a new look, a new tenant and a new identity.  See how 151 Valley Road has morphed into Baristaville’s newest foodie magnet. In Food.

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daily dish

April  18

Commuters: Get Your Coffee To Go

Thanks to Patrick Preblick, who just sent in this tip to make sure we don't miss our trains:

"There are new schedules out at Penn Station in NYC today dated 4/23/06. I noticed some changes in the departure time of my usual commuting trains. Gotta get up 4 mins. early now! The former 7:57 a.m. out of Glen Ridge is now the 7:53 a.m. Yikes!"

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daily dish

April  12

Where's the Glass and Chrome?

Anyone who ate in the old Willie's Diner in Bloomfield will remember that special Vegas ambience that came with their small stack. Well, unless there's a big shipment of chrome on order, it appears that the new Willie's, which looks almost ready-for-primetime, has undergone a personality change. With a desert pastel color scheme and and a harlequin motif, it looks more Nursing Home Modern than Vegas to us.

What's this archictectural style called? Or better yet, what should it be called? And why don't they build diners anymore that look like this?

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daily dish

April  11

If At First You Don't Succeed

Parking_1When we saw this large ad in last week’s Montclair Times, we couldn’t help wonder if Baristanet had helped to shame jumpstart the powers that be into ponying up another pay station. Back in January, Barista Deb Galant reported her strange encounter at the new parking deck. We know Mayor Ed Remsen took note, and maybe the town officials saw this shocking video. ... So now we get a "full service pay station" and a backup if it goes on the fritz. Let's see if this puts an end to Saturday Night Fever around the Crescent Deck.

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daily dish

April   7

Moats No More

Img_0210Over on Myrtle Avenue, the silence has been deafening. The dump trucks and back hoes took a hike three weeks ago when residents' protests put a stop to the moat like construction of new cobblestone drains. Kim Craft, town engineer gave us this update Wednesday:  “After a brief delay for reassessment and redesign, the contractor is scheduled to return to the site tomorrow (Thursday) to resume work.  He will be installing underground drainage pipes between the existing driveways and walkways, then installing a new shallow stone swale at the roadway elevation.”

Pam Satran, who has had a four foot ditch in front of her home told us “I hope they got it right this time.”

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