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Baristanet was born in May 2004 and soon after emerged as a leader in both hyperlocal blogging and the online citizen journalism movement. Baristanet receives more than 5,000 visits a day and has inspired local news sites in Pittsburgh, Brooklyn, New Haven, Watertown, MA and Red Bank, NJ.
Debbie Galant and Liz George, co-owners and editors of Baristanet, run the site, assisted in great part by daily editor Annette Batson. The biggest contributors to the site are our readers -- their active participation has turned Baristanet into a true online community and the destination for breaking local news, airing opinionated views, and yes, poking fun at suburbia whenever possible.

Much like a favorite coffee shop, where the baristas remember your drink order, Baristanet's "baristas" give its readers exactly what they've come to love -- a mix of original reporting, as well as aggregrated news, all with Baristanet's unique voice and perspective. Baristanet readers provide another layer of content and opinion by actively commenting on each story as well as providing tips, photos, suggestions, as well as (ouch!) criticisms, making the site their own.

Baristanet Consulting Services:
Recognized as the #1 Placeblog in America, Baristanet.com is an acknowledged leader in new media targeted at local communities. Baristanet partners Debbie Galant and Liz George are available to share our experience at building online local communities. We can assist start-ups or established newspaper companies wishing to be more effective online. For more information, contact us at partners@baristanet.com.

Baristanet Comment Policy:
Commenters on Baristanet.com are responsible for all legal consequences arising from their comments, including libel, infringement of copyright or actions that threaten a third party. By submitting a comment, you agree to indemnify Baristanet LLC, its partners and employees from any legal action arising from your comments. Report inappropriate comments to tips@baristanet.com

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Carl Bergmanson was a co-founder of Baristanet. Original Baristanet design by Janice Yamanaka. Camex supplies promotional items. Competitive Signs supplies all magentic signs and stickers.