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May   4

Talk About A Dive....

Blaineandwomanlr_4Scot Surbeck sent us this photo of David Blaine, "Drowned Alive" at Lincoln Plaza yesterday. He's making a spectacle of himself through May  8. "He was in full deep sea diving headgear" Scot said.  Weird stuff - has anyone else in Baristaville checked this out?  Chat now...

(Click on image for larger photo.)

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A few years ago when he did his iceblock stunt in Times Square I went by to see him with a friend of mind that was visiting from out of town. I just don't see how he can be in that thing without having his skin fall off after a few days. Gross, I know, but I still don't see how.

Posted by: Girl | May 4, 2006 4:41:29 PM

I an interview w/him where they said that although he has a catheter inserted, it drains into the water. Ewwww...

Posted by: SouthsideGlenRidger | May 4, 2006 4:48:40 PM

I went by, it's a ball of water with a guy wearing black pants inside. I wanted to throw in some red food coloring to freak him out.

Posted by: ccc | May 4, 2006 5:14:52 PM

If this is what you have to do to avoid getting pummeled by second-hand smoke, then I say the hell with it. Light 'em up. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. Carry on.

Posted by: Conan the Grammarian | May 4, 2006 5:29:09 PM

I saw David Blaine on TV the other day. First thing I thought of was, what brand of moisturizer does he use? I don't know, even the "entertainment value" of a stunt like this palls after a day or two. As I recall, too, he's back here because Londoners weren't as receptive to his last bit of foolishness as he'd expected. Yet another reason to commend the Brits for their taste.

Posted by: cathar | May 4, 2006 6:08:04 PM

Watch out for the Blainetologists! Be suspicious of anyone who offers you a free trip to DC!

Posted by: crank | May 4, 2006 6:15:07 PM

Blaine is good at close-up street magic (card tricks, levitation, mentalist stuff), but this kind of stunt leaves me bored to tears. I'm not sure what kind of trickery is involved in this sort of thing, but I also don't really care.

I'll take Ricky Jay over Blaine any day.

Posted by: ccl | May 4, 2006 6:29:57 PM

I grew up with David Blaine in Little Falls, so much for growing up in NYC.

Posted by: Bryan | May 4, 2006 6:32:52 PM

We saw him on Monday, on the way to the Bernadette Peters concert at Avery Fisher hall.

Several hundred people watching him at 730pm. Several hundred people watching him at 1030pm.

I watched him for about 90 seconds and figured that was 88 seconds more than I needed to

Posted by: Paul from OB | May 4, 2006 7:43:07 PM

oh god...who cares!

Posted by: mkal | May 4, 2006 7:56:52 PM

He's probably going for more than the holding breath record...he'll be the only person of our time alive to tell the story about when his SKIN FELL OFF.

I want to see him on my way to harmonica lessons on Saturday, but I don't want to stand with a bunch of dumb people who have been standing there for hours. This seems like one of those 10 second "Oh look, a dude in a glass ball full of water...ooh hot dog cart!" moments.

Posted by: jennnnn | May 4, 2006 8:54:23 PM

There are two types of people I fear; magicians and clowns... Both weird.


Posted by: K | May 4, 2006 9:01:15 PM

and this has to do with baristaville, how??

Posted by: angie allman | May 4, 2006 9:04:42 PM

Is that Iggy Pop reaching his hand out to Blaine?

Posted by: jennnnn | May 4, 2006 9:20:08 PM

If he can eat and breathe, the only thing he's putting himself through is boredom. Bravo, David, your willpower is simply *~*~mAgIcAl*~* Now pull a fucking rainbow scarf out of your uvula for Christ's sake.

Posted by: Katie | May 4, 2006 11:42:31 PM

I am glad the K and k are so different.

Posted by: katie | May 5, 2006 1:12:53 AM

David Blaine is the half brother of one my son's best friends at MKA - now at Penn. Anyway is latest feat made front page news over here in the Middle East - Headline screamer --- "Blaine is Insane." See the point is we all want a diversion from reality and thanks to David we got it...

Posted by: jmo | May 5, 2006 6:57:38 AM

Katie: Also waiting for the scarf. David Blaine found a way to cash in. I often think if I held my breath and submerged myself I could give up the day job.....

Posted by: DiPoz | May 5, 2006 7:20:09 AM

Of course the real feat is that the union orchestras of Lincoln Center did not insist on triple time!

Posted by: Right of Center™ | May 5, 2006 7:55:02 AM

The real feat is actually that some TV honcho somehow thinks that this yutz is relevant.

I'd rather kill my TV and watch my cats instead.

Posted by: DS | May 5, 2006 11:08:38 AM

Does anyone think it’s possible that David Blaine was oxygenating his body above normal levels all week with a special mixture of air in his breathing apparatus? I’m not a diver and have not had any experience with mixing different ratios of breathing air in a breathing system but it seems quite likely that after one week of breathing an over-oxygenated mixture of air that someone's attempt to hold their breath for 9 minutes might be helped in some way. If this is possible, did the other record holders have this luxury? Was David pretending like it doesn’t matter? He made it seem as though being in a tank of water for a week was a hardship followed then by the even harder task of having to hold his breath for 9 minutes when all along he was over-oxygenating his body for his attempt...

Any comments?

Posted by: C66 | May 9, 2006 10:43:03 AM

hey this guy wants to do these thing, and challenge himself, well I am all for it. Why do I hear so many poeple whining that this man is sick or that he is a loser? for god sakes what is the real tragady are the people that never try anything, that just live their nine to five life and never try to push themselfs to the limit in any way. We are here on this earth to evolve, and perhaps Davids direction is not impeccible, his will power and love of life sure exeeds any of you naysayers out there. If you dont like it just dont watch and perhaps when this guy isnt getting the watchers he will find somthing else to do. But as long as he has fans, let him have his fun! Hats off to you David Blaine!!!

Posted by: justin | May 9, 2006 2:00:43 PM

My brother knew him. He did grow up in Little Falls NJ. The teachers at Passaic Valley high school remember him very well. Why would he lie about where he came from? Ever hear him speak? His accent is not Brooklyn where he claims he is from.

Posted by: Joe | May 24, 2006 7:38:58 PM

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