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May   5

Get Outside and Smell The Flowers


But If your stuck inside, it's okay to chat. Your daily blab-fest begins now:
-- Photo by Anthony Batson

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it's a beautiful day to enjoy a cheap mexican beer and a bowl full of jalapenos

Posted by: Iceman | May 5, 2006 4:14:24 PM

Did anybody else notice that those helicopter seeds were fluttering through the air all day today?

They were quite a sight. Where is Surbeck when you need him?

Posted by: crank | May 5, 2006 4:15:07 PM

What can 'Brown' do for you?

Posted by: Iceman | May 5, 2006 4:20:28 PM

Can't these people just hire drivers.

He must be the apple of his uncle's eye.

Posted by: Right of Center™ | May 5, 2006 6:50:18 PM

I walked passed Crisco courts today and realized that they are so close together in order to revive the dixie cup/string telephone of yester-year. My the houses are close together!

Posted by: caris | May 5, 2006 6:51:11 PM

ooops. Dad's eye.

Posted by: Right of Center™ | May 5, 2006 6:51:12 PM

To look upstanding and perhaps avoid scrutiny perhaps he could have offered to take the breath test since a breath test would not have registered anything but the amount of alcohol he had consumed--last month same scenrio...but instead now some poor cop will lose his job for being ordered not to give the tests...I just love knowing that while intoxicated he would be "voting" on some issue--although there was no vote was there? but because he said he thought there was he jumps thru a loophole....I am now returning to my garden to enjoy what I can since there is nothing in the news these days that I have any control over or gives me any enjoyment. These are the guys we should be handing over the power You've got to be kidding me...

Posted by: cstarling | May 5, 2006 8:08:32 PM

Roc's...casting stones.
No news.

Posted by: PAZ | May 5, 2006 11:27:25 PM

Saw MI 3, the other night.
PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN is the best villian to date.
I'm NOT a Tom Cruise fan, he's way over the top in stunts!
but it's non-stop action, action, action!
Had breakfast this AM at 115 Cafe. Had some french toast.. it's had from crosisants. YUM. Strawberries, whipped cream, a little bit of syrup..& great coffee.
:) Waiting for the kids to come & paint our windows.

Posted by: JT | May 6, 2006 8:57:05 AM

I saw MI whatever this afternoon. A plot that didn't make a while lot of sense, Tom Cruise screwing up his courage every 5 or ten minutes to try and act by wrinkling his nose while the rest of his face (now showing some crinkling round the eyes) remains botoxedly immobile and a very cheaply done film in some ways. Spoiler alert, too: what should be the biggest piece of individual derring-do by Tom is never shown. This is a truly cynical assemblage of film. Less than $50 million this weekend, great decline the next. But his "co-stars" all must have good agents, because none of them has more than 10 minutes of screen time apiece and Keri Russell much less than that.

Posted by: cathar | May 6, 2006 8:05:28 PM

Not sure which I should fear more, driving with a Kennedy or hunting with a Cheney.

Posted by: Byron | May 6, 2006 8:19:24 PM

oops, should have signed the post: "Mary Ann".

Posted by: Byron | May 6, 2006 8:21:21 PM

can you swim? if so the kennedy may be less dangerous.

Posted by: pissant | May 6, 2006 8:21:55 PM

My suggestion would be to poll Whittington and Kopechne and then tabulate your results.

Posted by: Right of Center™ | May 7, 2006 8:54:14 AM

W can expect more praise from President Carter, I suppose.

Posted by: Right of Center™ | May 7, 2006 9:02:08 AM


We can expect more praise from President Carter, I suppose.

Posted by: Right of Center™ | May 7, 2006 9:03:10 AM

One more thing before I run out to enjoy this glorious looking day.

The 911 memorial in NYC will cost nearly a billion dollars.

This is insane. I am all for a memorial, but a billion dollars? Crazy.

Posted by: Right of Center™ | May 7, 2006 9:42:13 AM

where does the money come from?

Posted by: pissant | May 7, 2006 6:32:06 PM

it's mary jo kopechne...not mary anne but i appreciate your sentiments.

remember, ted kennedy has killed more people than nuclear power plants in America

Posted by: Iceman | May 7, 2006 8:06:35 PM

how many people in America have been killed by nuclear power plants?

if you put a nuclear power plant in the sun does it wither and die?

Posted by: pissant | May 8, 2006 3:52:07 AM

Ted Kennedy only seems to redder and rounder outdoors, p'ant. The combination of sun, a fair complexion and alcohol will do that. He doesn't wither. And I don't think anyone in the US has been killed "by" a nuclear power plant.

Posted by: cathar | May 8, 2006 10:42:00 AM

i only asked because the ICE MAN said

"remember, ted kennedy has killed more people than nuclear power plants in America "

i couldn't remember news of anyone who had died...maybe construction people but how many?

Posted by: pissant | May 8, 2006 10:45:32 AM

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