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April   4

Trader Joe Says No, No and No

Trader_joes02_1With so many new stores coming to Baristaville, readers have been salivating asking about the prospect of Trader Joe's setting up shop here. So we called TJ's corporate offices in California and asked what our chances are of being able to buy Cuban Mojito Simmer Sauce, wasabi cashews, or Two Buck Chuck anytime soon.

"No, nope, and no way," we were told by Tara. a chirpy PR type. “Montclair is not in our two year plan. (Could it be our lousy ranking in the best places to live in NJ?). I can't divulge to you how our marketing people decide on our store locations."  "Wooing  is not part of the process -- so even if 500 of your readers wrote us letters to ask for a store, it wouldn’t influence our decision"  But, but, you're wrong, I sputtered. Yeah, well thanks, and have a nice day.

Meanwhile, the closest TJ's is in Wayne  - or for NY commuters, a new one on 14th Street just opened.

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I've been to the Trader Joe's in Westfield. We're not missing anything. We'll be better served with the Time Warner Center version of Whole Foods coming to West Orange.

Posted by: Jim | Apr 4, 2006 1:25:24 PM

When short of ideas, write about Trader Joes or Whole Foods.

Batson, you are a credit to J-School.

Posted by: Subscribbler | Apr 4, 2006 1:29:02 PM

Ugh! Is Subscribbler an alias of Big? I'm trying to connect the dots here.

Posted by: Dana | Apr 4, 2006 1:30:09 PM

I doubt it Dana.

Those are whole (though unsuitably antagonistic) sentences.

But it is a bit early yet for "big". It takes a while to sleep-off the boiled sangria.

Posted by: Right of Center™ | Apr 4, 2006 1:32:30 PM

Dana, my own guess is that "Big" isn't out of school and home yet.

Posted by: cathar | Apr 4, 2006 1:35:45 PM

love the line about Big getting his picture taken with Goofy. Big will join us after he finishes his algebra homework.

Posted by: Iceman | Apr 4, 2006 1:44:04 PM

Trader Joes in Wayne doesn't sell wine. And I disagree with Jim. TJ is great. Can't compare to Whole Foods unless you have bottomless pockets. Everything at TJ is reasonably priced, even CHEAP. You can buy ten times the groceries at TJ than at WF.

Posted by: Jennifer | Apr 4, 2006 1:44:15 PM

Their ( TJ) own brand chocolate truffles are good!

Posted by: JT | Apr 4, 2006 1:47:29 PM

Blackberry prefers JT to TJ

Posted by: Bitpusher | Apr 4, 2006 1:51:16 PM

Sit Blackberry! Good Puppy. Want a treat? Blackberry?
BTW how's Blackberry doing?

Posted by: JT | Apr 4, 2006 2:01:47 PM

Subscriber made him/her self clear enough - when a journalist school graduate has space to fill and an empty head he/she will spew forth a nonsense topic such as TJ vis-a-vis WF.

Posted by: Byron | Apr 4, 2006 2:02:40 PM

Getting bigger every time I look at her.
She'll stop by after she gets her shots at Dr. Cameron's. Your conviently located for that.

Posted by: Bitpusher | Apr 4, 2006 2:04:45 PM

The TJ's in Wayne is kinda a hike from Baristaville -- 13 miles from my house, so sayeth Googlemaps. Is there anything else around there worthwhile to make a combined trip?

Posted by: htb | Apr 4, 2006 2:09:41 PM

oooh, what kind of doggie is Blackberry?

Posted by: Miss Martta | Apr 4, 2006 2:12:28 PM

ohhhh ! Blacberry is a real cute Black lab puppy

Posted by: JT | Apr 4, 2006 2:13:45 PM

Before you head out to the Wayne TJ's, remember they don't sell wine there so no "2 Buck Chuck." You have to head down to Westfield for that!

Posted by: MontclairMom | Apr 4, 2006 2:13:52 PM

Awwww, my fave! :-)

Posted by: Miss Martta | Apr 4, 2006 2:15:37 PM

And remember, the "2 Buck Chuck" is "3 Buck Chuck" in Westfield.

As for the Wayne TJ's, it's right near to the Preakness Shopping Center, which has several small stores anchored by a Macy's.

Posted by: Highlander | Apr 4, 2006 2:21:08 PM

Depending on where you live in Baristaville, the TJ's on Columbia Turnpike in Florham Park may be closer to you.
Did anyone call Wegman's to see what their plans are for Montclair? Might as well complete the story.

Posted by: BeanCounter | Apr 4, 2006 2:22:29 PM

You heard it here first:

Whole Foods Competitor Will Be Side-By-Side in Early 2007.

"The way we see it, there will be no problem with competition. If you want tofu burgers for your holistic mommy club gathering, you can shop at Whole Foods. If you want every variety of meats and fish and produce, as well as Frosted Flakes and M&Ms, Wegman's will be your one-stop choice."

Posted by: Area Man | Apr 4, 2006 2:46:13 PM

From Upper Montclair, Trader Joe's in Wayne is no longer than 20 minutes from here,(with the typical traffic)

Just a reminder, It's okay for people to shop outside of Montclair... and head to West Orange, Clifton, Wayne, etc for items that Montclair doesn't have. Believe it or not, Montclair doesn't have everything.

Posted by: Frank | Apr 4, 2006 2:49:17 PM

Frank: Don't try to tell that to the moderators of the Montclair Watercooler!

Posted by: Jim | Apr 4, 2006 2:52:55 PM

TJ's is a favorite for my family. Mr.O and I pack up the kids and make the trip a family event. Can't beat the sushi and the prices are very reasonable for their organic stuff.

Posted by: mrso | Apr 4, 2006 2:57:03 PM

I love Trader Joe's...they have a good selection of things you dont find in a regular grocery store. They hav ea great frozen foods section. Lots of imports. Great wine & beer selection (in Westfield)....but it's all AFFORDABLE. Versus Whole Foods, where I can't afford to shop!

Posted by: Butch | Apr 4, 2006 3:11:23 PM

The Wegman's web site lists only Cherry Hill in upcoming locations.

East Hanover didn't want it. It was going to be on Route 10, by the Burger King, in an abandoned factory complex. They were going to completely re-do the traffic intersection. The people came out to the meetings and the proposal was defeated. They were concerned about "the traffic." On Route 10? Yeah, like it was going to increase the traffic from 30,000 per day to 31,000? And that was after they lost their only other nearby market, Pathmark.

Posted by: carya | Apr 4, 2006 3:50:59 PM

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