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April   1

Dick Wins The Prize, Sort Of

Steveplofker_2_1 Here's a little nugget about Steven Plofker you won't find in Phil Read's Star Ledger. After hobnobbing last night with Yogi Berra and wife Bobbi Brown at Joni Bronander's swanky opening for The Loft, Plofker then met up with Dick Grabowsky to reprise their infamous billiards contest. You'll remember Grabowsky riffing on Plofker's lack of skill with, um, his cue stick.

"He's an avid pool player. He's just not good at it," said Richard "Dick" Grabowsky, who made a real estate splash when he bought the block-long Hinck building, whose location at Montclair's landmark "six corners" makes it perhaps the town's premier commercial site.

"I taught him not to play pool with Dick Grabowsky, but there's not much else I can teach him. He's a very bright guy," he said.

Spies tell us that after that dig in the Star Ledger, Plofker has been after Grabowksy for a rematch. History repeated itself, but this time it wasn't just a friendly game. Wagering was involved, and instead of greenbacks, the land barons played for property. Grabowsky won again, but Plofker might have gotten the last laugh.

Poolsharkdick Grabowsky tells us...

I thought we were playing for houses and Steve's Erwin Park setup is pretty sweet. Instead, he told me he'd give me any one of these. I wouldn't let my dog live in one of those shacks. Guess I learned never to play pool with Steve Plofker.

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"After hobnobbing last night with Yogi Berra and wife Bobbi Brown at Joni Bronander's swanky opening for The Loft, Plofker and Dick Grabowsky reprised their infamous billiards contest."

Yogi Berra married Bobbi Brown! What happened to Carmen?

Posted by: pissant | Apr 1, 2006 11:42:15 AM

Joni Bronander needs a proofreader in the worst way. "Our event planners will prese," to quote just one gaffe. Her website is a mess.

Of course, who these days is gonna care? Money talks, nobody walks.

Posted by: crank | Apr 1, 2006 12:11:28 PM

Gross! Who gives a rat's ass about these two and their wagers?

Though at least Dick has the right idea about the abominations on Grove. . .

Posted by: latebloomer | Apr 1, 2006 2:17:43 PM

Oh crap, I forgot what day it was! They're both still gross, however.

Posted by: latebloomer | Apr 1, 2006 2:19:38 PM

Loft seems like an odd name for a cellar.

Isn't that site the basement of Plofker's office?

Posted by: OX | Apr 1, 2006 2:36:02 PM

Mazie and the Iceman are taking this opportunity to announce our wedding engagement.

The nuptials will be performed by cindy sheehan at our favorite watering hole - the great notch inn.

cathar will be the dj playing our favorite communist anthems.

Posted by: Iceman | Apr 1, 2006 2:43:58 PM

I love the Great Notch Inn.

Posted by: katie | Apr 1, 2006 2:49:01 PM

i showed up to the great notch wearing a suit once

Posted by: Shitalker | Apr 1, 2006 4:55:26 PM

betcha they beat you up and left you around back for the bikers to take advantage of!

Posted by: cheeze | Apr 1, 2006 5:57:25 PM

the bikers send their regards to your mother.

Posted by: Iceman | Apr 1, 2006 6:13:31 PM

God that's a fascinating story.

Posted by: Black Irish | Apr 1, 2006 6:29:06 PM

The Ultimate Personality Test

Posted by: Chris | Apr 1, 2006 7:18:39 PM

Sorry, Chris...your link didn't work. :-(

Posted by: Miss Martta | Apr 1, 2006 7:19:26 PM

Take 2:
The Ultimate Personality Test

Posted by: Chris | Apr 1, 2006 7:20:37 PM

OK, Chris...very funny...April Fool....It's deja vu all over again!

Posted by: Miss Martta | Apr 1, 2006 7:30:54 PM

So this freaking test just goes on & on & never ends. Cute.

Posted by: crank | Apr 1, 2006 7:36:01 PM

hehehe ...

27. It is more important to take chances than to enjoy an April Fool's joke.

Posted by: Chris | Apr 1, 2006 7:46:06 PM

I wonder where it does end. I got bored after 710. I also wonder who has the time to set up these things.

Posted by: crank | Apr 1, 2006 7:50:04 PM

Apparently it morphs every time, cuz I didn't get an April Fool's reference till well after 100 questions.


Posted by: crank | Apr 1, 2006 8:00:22 PM

Who cares?

Posted by: Iceman | Apr 1, 2006 10:13:27 PM


something tells me you got beat up and taken advantage of growing up yourself

Posted by: Shitalker | Apr 2, 2006 12:00:00 AM


The cheeze stands alone
The cheeze stands alone
Hi-ho,The derry-o
The cheeze stands alone

Posted by: cheeze | Apr 2, 2006 7:52:30 AM

Shit, no shit?

Posted by: nancy | Apr 2, 2006 1:36:22 PM

They should have a "Loser Leaves Town" match like on WWF.

Or, the bigger loser leaves town.

Posted by: DS | Apr 2, 2006 3:19:41 PM


I just thought I should let you people know that there is a potential problem with the "more photos" section of your web site with regard to the speed of your slide show. It is too slow. In order to get the proper effect of the houses practically overlapping each other, I had to click my mouse at a very rapid rate. You also forgot to illustrate the busy main road that is currently occupying the back yards of all these houses.

I can just see it... One of the affluent families that decide to purchase your McMansio...I mean single family estates... is going to be hosting a barbque and *BLAM* half the family is hit by a Decamp bus and then the lawsuits begin for false advertising.

Just thought you should know.

Mike G. "

Posted by: Mike G. | Apr 2, 2006 7:11:00 PM

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