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April   2

No There are No Sangria Ice Pops

Dick Grabowsky did not play Steve Plofker in pool the other night. Red Cheetah has not decided to advertise with us. Daylight Savings Time will proceed at Rand School just as everywhere else in Baristaville. (Set your clocks ahead one hour tonight, or when you wake up.) And JR is not dead.

It was all a long, cruel joke perpetrated on you in honor of April Fool's Day. Thanks for not suing us.

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now I'm a pissed Pissant. Red Cheetah didn't decide to advertise. That makes me mad.

No 4/29 patronage from this Pissant.

Posted by: pissant | Apr 2, 2006 8:15:12 AM

I love that made up quote though, I laughed so hard when I read it on the Red Cheetah post. "Deez Guyz"

Posted by: katie | Apr 2, 2006 9:33:21 AM

Damn - I wanted my free drink!

Posted by: Anne Prince | Apr 2, 2006 10:33:00 AM

No actually the April 29 thing at Red Cheetah IS on. But they're not advertisers.

Posted by: The Barista | Apr 2, 2006 10:33:48 AM

Damn! Damn! Damn! I was hoping to
get some thin mint encrusted Sangria
Pops from that Brownie Troop before they all went to some third world country like Denmark!


Posted by: JT | Apr 2, 2006 11:03:46 AM

The Red Cheetah has gotten plenty of free advertising here already.

"Why buy a cow..."

Posted by: Bitpusher | Apr 2, 2006 11:10:54 AM

I think the statue of limitations is 2 years so I wouldn't go thanking anyone yet Barista.

Defamation of caricature isn't a joke you play on someone for April fool's.

It's a CRIME! You're familiar with that word right?

Posted by: innocent | Apr 2, 2006 1:29:52 PM

This is NOT an April Fool:

Late Grateful Dead Leader's Toilet Stolen
By Associated Press
Sun Apr 2, 4:38 AM

SONOMA, California - The long, strange trip continues for Jerry Garcia's toilet. Police say the Grateful Dead leader's commode was stolen recently from a driveway along with three other toilets and a bidet, The Press Democrat newspaper reported Saturday.

Garcia's salmon-colored toilet was the subject of a legal battle before it was finally moved to Sonoma, to await shipment to a Canadian casino.

It's unclear if the toilet was swiped by a wayward Deadhead or a thief remodeling a bathroom. Police have no suspects or leads.

Posted by: Miss Martta | Apr 2, 2006 1:51:25 PM

"Defamation of caricature," haha, good one.

I thought the Dick Prize story was the cleverest because there was really no way to tell that it wasn't real.

Posted by: crank | Apr 2, 2006 2:12:56 PM

Al little like you.

Except with you, we all know your a dick crank.

No way you can't not tell that!

Posted by: innocent | Apr 2, 2006 2:20:27 PM

Are you sure you aren't snorting crank, Crank?

Posted by: innocent | Apr 2, 2006 2:21:07 PM

"Defamation of caricature" gotta love that one.

i like it so much that i'm writing it down to use it in the future.

was it a travesty as well?

Posted by: pissant | Apr 2, 2006 2:38:27 PM

Innocent, hire me to un-defame your "caricature" by drawing nice ones for you. $90 an hour. Hey, imagine if CP's hired me for a night, it'd be nice money if all those people are drunk.

Posted by: katie | Apr 2, 2006 2:51:26 PM

you go katie, the entrepreneur, just don't let them convince you to serve anyone the snagria.

serving a minor is a criminal offense when the snagria is a liquor drinkie.

Posted by: pissant | Apr 2, 2006 3:03:24 PM

Mmm I love sangria. I made a whole gallon of it not too long ago but it went bad because the fruit got moldy, mmmm.

Posted by: katie | Apr 2, 2006 3:31:47 PM

i'll bet you didn't sell it to the neighborhood kids!

Posted by: pissant | Apr 2, 2006 3:40:56 PM

She didn't have to, she just sold it to Pete.

Posted by: crank | Apr 2, 2006 3:50:16 PM

Miss Marta and Pissed, I guess you two have been following in cathers. Looking for typos and then putting people down about them.

Fact is, the ones who can read past the typos know what is being said.
Nice try detouring the fact that the Barista which is just as stupid as you two know that the CRIME has a two year shelf life and is still punishable by law.

DEFAMATION of CHARACTER is a crime. Not an April fools joke. Although that's a great defense. Like I thought I boiled the crime out of defaming someone by saying it was a joke days later.

Get a life Barista and the rest of you clowns.

I hope Dominick sues your balls off for your stupid accusations.

I know I would if it was me. But them I would probably take care of you in other ways. The court system takes forever.

Posted by: blowme | Apr 2, 2006 3:51:46 PM

Crank, ROC..
blow me

Posted by: blowme | Apr 2, 2006 3:52:36 PM

Barista...... Blow me at Baristanet.net

Posted by: blowme | Apr 2, 2006 3:53:09 PM

Sorry you keep trying to block me but can't.


Posted by: blowme | Apr 2, 2006 3:55:00 PM

what an appetising invitation by a person of such charm and wit and obvious social grace.

no, i don't think i'll take you up on it but thank you for the offer.

now please stop waving it in my face.

you know that there are doctors who specialize in that condition, you don't have to live with it looking like that.

"following in cathers" you lost me there.

do you think a cather is like a trolley.

"hurry up, the cathers coming and we don't want to have to wait for the next one."

ps you have to have a character in order to have it defamed, not a caricature of a character.

Posted by: pissant | Apr 2, 2006 4:01:58 PM

there's an echo in here and suddenly it doesn't smell so good.

i guess i'll have to open a window to let some fresh air in.

Posted by: pissant | Apr 2, 2006 4:07:38 PM

oh well, that didn't work. it still smells

Posted by: pissant | Apr 2, 2006 4:11:38 PM

I just saw "Defamation of caricature"!

That is the funniest thing I have seen in a good long while!

Posted by: Right of Center™ | Apr 2, 2006 8:48:29 PM

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