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April   7

Drive Carefully

Img_0446Just thirty minutes ago, we passed a nasty three car accident at the intersection of Lorraine and Park in Montclair.  Seems that a woman driving a jeep ran a stop sign on Lorraine. The collision which followed pushed the jeep into a van stopped at the opposite side of the street. Imagine that, being hit while sitting at a stop  sign. An ambulance was on the scene, but police reported no injuries... And now it's time for your daily chat.

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This is the first rain we've had in a month or so, and it tends to release a lot of the dried oil imbedded in the roads and make them slicker than usual. Doesn't matter if your SUV has 4-wheel drive or ABS: when you are on an oil slick (or sliding on your roof, for that matter), your brakes just won't be very effective.

Posted by: Stroker Ace | Apr 7, 2006 1:20:58 PM

Or she just ran the stop sign and it had nothing to do with being slick - who knows. I drive defensively. I was hit a year ago on Undercliff at the intersection just before Eagle Rock (slow motion accident but it did $1300 damage) by someone who actually stopped at the stop sign first and then proceeded to plow into the back of my car (with another car in front of me so I couldn't get out of the way). There are some real idiot brain dead drivers out there.

Posted by: Max | Apr 7, 2006 1:28:47 PM

One of my best friend's is 60 and a phys ed teacher. he's in good shape but has been stressed the past yr over a divorce. His 2 grown children won't talk to him anymore. This morning he was sitting at his pc when his eyes got blurry and his teeth went numb. He got a ride to the hospital and the DRs said he had a mild stroke. Ugh.

He hasn't felt well the past 6 weeks with a constant cough etc and wouldn't go to the Dr. Whew, don't be stubborn. If you feel bad or have symptoms that seem out of the ordinary, then please go to the Dr.

Posted by: Iceman | Apr 7, 2006 1:40:08 PM

Sorry to hear that, Ice...hope he's OK.

Posted by: Miss Martta | Apr 7, 2006 1:45:31 PM

"Or she just ran the stop sign and it had nothing to do with being slick - who knows."

They'll know once the surgery to remove the cellphone from her palate is done and she can communicate again.

Posted by: Bill The Cat | Apr 7, 2006 1:57:28 PM

That intersection in particular seems to have a lot of accidents. I was driving down Park after work one night a few years ago, and watched a woman driving on Lorraine sail across Park, hitting a minvan so hard, it rolled over several times before stopping. Inside were a mother and three kids. It was a miracle that none of them were badly injured. I've seen other accidents there as well. There should be a flashing red on Lorraine to alert drivers to the stop sign.

Posted by: bt | Apr 7, 2006 2:02:17 PM

Not saying that cell phone use is related to this accisent in any way.

However, does anyone know of instances where accidents caused by careless driving while on a handheld mobile have been cited in the accident's police report?

Posted by: Shitalker | Apr 7, 2006 2:07:01 PM

Got pulled over at the corner of Mount Hebron and Grove. The cop was standing outside of his car waiting to pull people over. Told me to pull over and I did, I ask him what I did wrong and he told me I was doing 40 in a 25. This would be fine because I probably was but he was standing outside his car when he saw me so I think he just made up the speed I was doing. But he just told me they were going to be out from now on telling people to slow down and giving tickets (which I did not get because he obviously has a crush on me). I told him I heard that they were cracking down from baristanet.com and he said good and to tell other people. So now he'll come and read your website and know that I know he's in love with me. Those crazy cops.

Posted by: katie | Apr 7, 2006 2:25:34 PM

what if i rent a policeman's outfit?

Posted by: Iceman | Apr 7, 2006 2:28:21 PM

I've always found firemen to be more desirable.

Posted by: pissant | Apr 7, 2006 2:44:37 PM

There should be a flashing red on Lorraine to alert drivers to the stop sign.

If you can't recognize a large red stop sign at an intersection, you shouldn't be driving.

Posted by: Jim | Apr 7, 2006 2:44:53 PM

If you can't recognize a large red stop sign at an intersection, you shouldn't talking on your cellphone.

Posted by: pissant | Apr 7, 2006 2:46:06 PM

What about the boyfriend in Iraq? The guy who reads baristanet? Katie, how can you do this too him? He's going to be mad with jealousy. When he gets back he's going to have to fight off a policeman and Iceman. Get ready to rumble!

Posted by: TwinDad | Apr 7, 2006 2:48:33 PM

that should say shouldn't be...

if you can't recognize a large red stop sign at an intersection, you shouldn't be driving, talking on your cellphone, eating that sandwhich, putting on makeup, and yelling at your kids.

Posted by: pissant | Apr 7, 2006 2:49:31 PM

Mrs. Appletony drives a Jeep, so of course I just called her cell to see if it was her. I'm relieved to say (i) it was not her in the accident, and (ii) she pulled over to answer the phone.

Posted by: appletony | Apr 7, 2006 3:11:55 PM

I blew a tire out at Grove and Belleville earlier today and though I was pulled over and my flashers were on, I was nearly hit several times by speeding cars and saw two near accidents. It's not the rain -- it's impatient, lousy drivers.

Posted by: EllieB | Apr 7, 2006 3:15:57 PM

Katie I know you have a nice shiny red bike, but you gotta slow down!

Posted by: crank | Apr 7, 2006 8:35:12 PM

Isaw the accident immediately after the impact. Seems there are many at this intersection. From a reliable local source...it's the worst intersection in town. As it's right accross from Lacordare I would think people would be clued into driving carefully near a school. The driver did run the stop sign according to my source....."Deepthroat" thinks a light is the answer.

Posted by: DiPoz | Apr 7, 2006 11:18:14 PM

When Florham Park hauls out its trailer / speed meter, you know the speed trap will be out the following week.

People get the message, or they get the ticket.

Posted by: Paul from OB | Apr 8, 2006 10:28:21 AM

For some odd reason, that intersection is very problematic. The house on the southeast corner installed a highway guardrail inside their fence. Very scary if they need to do that.

Posted by: DS | Apr 8, 2006 4:05:13 PM

I live around the corner from Lorraine and Park. Each morning as I walk to the train, I have to dodge the cars speeding into and out of the Lacordare parking lot. Seems like a lot of these parents (as well as students, boyfriends, teachers, etc.) are oblivious to the fact that their school is surrounded by a residential neighborhood. And for some strange reason, everyone seems to be in a really big hurry. But in all defense, most of them have really nice cars.

Posted by: evan | Apr 8, 2006 6:04:35 PM

Evan, be sure you select one of the nicer cars to get yourself smashed. More likely to have good maximum insurance limits.

Posted by: Byron | Apr 8, 2006 6:16:42 PM

I LIVE on Lorraine, and backing out of my driveway has become incredibly dangerous. In the past 4 days, THREE drivers have actually attempted to drive AROUND me when I was nearly all the way out of my driveway--with my 2 yr old and my 4 yr old in the car. There are a lot of kids on this street, folks! Please drive carefully. You cannot be in THAT big of a hurry. JUST CHILL.

Posted by: Suzanne | Apr 8, 2006 11:09:12 PM

suzanne -it's probably MAX -who will some how assure you it is your fault-and that he had to go around you for fear of of someone having to brake behind him.

Posted by: cstarling | Apr 9, 2006 7:22:28 AM

It doesn't just happen in Montclair. This kind of driving happens all around here.

Last week in Bloomfield, I had someone who had been tailgating me for a block (I was doing 25 in a 25mph zone) speed up and pass me on the left when I was about to turn left into my driveway with my left turnsignal on.


Posted by: badd_patti | Apr 9, 2006 8:42:50 AM

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