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March   1

Overheard in Baristaville

Heard anything worth repeating? Give us your best hearsay (go here to see what we mean), or chat now.

March 1, 2006 in The Daily Chat | Permalink


I'm sure I'll overhear my boss saying there's no work getting done because everyone laughing so hard at that link!

I'm going to start carrying a BIGGER notebook!

Posted by: Uncle Tonoose | Mar 1, 2006 3:54:33 PM

Looks like someone's been listening to WNYC today! That was a pretty funny segment. Loved the "muffin tops".

Posted by: Karen | Mar 1, 2006 4:15:50 PM

The overhead in Baristaville is pretty steep, if you take into consideration the property taxes.

Other than that, I have overheard nothing because I work in a cave.

Posted by: Conan the Grammarian | Mar 1, 2006 4:18:16 PM

The Olympics are over. Bummer. Back to normal TV.

OTOH, last night I got to watch the 3 most recent episodes (taped) of "24" back-to-back, no commercials. What a rush. What a show.

Posted by: crank | Mar 1, 2006 4:35:24 PM


If you're sick enough to be hacking, coughing and sneezing like a TB patient, please stay the &*%$ home! Please don't ride the bus or train, or come to work spreading your microbes. Thank you

/Rant over.

Posted by: Miss Martta | Mar 1, 2006 4:38:07 PM

...please send any bills for living expenses you incur for your days "off" to Martta

Posted by: Right of Center™ | Mar 1, 2006 4:39:31 PM

So, it's perfectly OK to infect your co-workers in ROCworld?

Posted by: Miss Martta | Mar 1, 2006 4:42:27 PM

who knew VP's were cube rats.

Posted by: aon | Mar 1, 2006 4:44:02 PM

No, in ROCworld, everyone gets 30 days of paid sick leave, gets to ride the "monorail" to work and gets free autographs from a large foam Yosemite (the Neocon) Sam on Main Street USA!

But, sadly, not everyone gets to live in ROCworld.

Posted by: Right of Center™ | Mar 1, 2006 4:47:29 PM

"who knew VP's were cube rats."

To whom are you referring, Mazie?

Posted by: KnockKnock | Mar 1, 2006 4:49:47 PM

Rather than crunches, think she could be persuaded to run?

Posted by: Right of Center™ | Mar 1, 2006 4:52:42 PM

Anybody hear anything about a shoot out/shooting on Bloomfield Ave today? Heard it was all blocked off from Lynne's to ? and that there was a lockdown at at lest Berkeley School on the Ave. I also heard there was a possible murder involved.

Posted by: Anne Prince | Mar 1, 2006 5:02:16 PM

Yes - I heard there was a shooting in Verona and the suspects were followed to Bloomfield where they were trapped on a roof? My info obviously not so reliable, but . . .

Posted by: grj | Mar 1, 2006 5:08:24 PM

Did somebody invoke Mazie? It turns out that Mazie is actually a boy, exact whereabouts unknown.

Posted by: appletony | Mar 1, 2006 5:36:16 PM

Very funny.

Looks like he just realized he missed the last "buckshotgate group" meeting at BlueWaveNJ.

Posted by: Right of Center™ | Mar 1, 2006 6:01:51 PM

Funny. If he/she takes offense at it as a "personal attack," however, it may get deleted. So I'm glad I saw it at dinnertime when Ms. Galant may be otherwise engaged, since something much more innocuous was deleted as such an attack on the GR election thread.

But we don't usually have to even invoke Mazie by name. Kind of like how Billy Jack appeared, we think of Mazie fairly hard and Mazie is, poof!, there. There maybe just wasn't enough hard cogitation today yet.

Posted by: cathar (8T) | Mar 1, 2006 6:20:26 PM

The Barista deleted a comment that was innocuous? What was it?

Posted by: Right of Center™ | Mar 1, 2006 6:27:03 PM

Somebody reported a gas leak this morning at Hanover Square in downtown NYC where my SO works. The Fire Dept turned out & they shut down Water St. & evacuated a couple of buildings.

They eventually decided that the person who'd reported the leak had simply smelled New Jersey wafting across the Hudson as usual.

I am not making this up.

Posted by: crank | Mar 1, 2006 6:48:01 PM

Maybe they were smelling a durian fruit.

Posted by: Miss Martta (8T) | Mar 1, 2006 7:37:59 PM

Or a stale joke.

Posted by: Dog Mom | Mar 1, 2006 7:44:12 PM

ROC, it wasn't innocuous per se, merely more innocuous in context that the fun "we" (self smirkingly included) have at Mazie's expense occasionally. Something to do (as seems to happen often here, also claimed by a subsequent poster to be unfounded rumor) with someone not being asked back after one year teaching at GRHS, as I recall.

And now I find myself feeling half-guilty that I've somehow "defended" Mazie P. Gordon. Whose foolishness really never needs a boost from me.

Posted by: cathar (8T) | Mar 1, 2006 8:06:24 PM

I overheard they are trying to get rid of the life drawing program at MSU, not like you care. It's because all the talentless graphic design students with no artistic capabilities cannot pass the class which is a requirement.

Posted by: katie | Mar 1, 2006 8:44:55 PM

Katie: as a successful graphic designer who graduated from MSU '94, I'm offended by your comment. I hope that was an attempt at humor.

Posted by: Jim | Mar 1, 2006 9:59:12 PM

why weren't GR schools locked down? close proximity and all...

Posted by: Dee | Mar 1, 2006 10:01:46 PM

NOT exactly in NJ...
The other day, we had to drive out to Long Island. Merrick specifically!
Long Island, is a whole other world.
Anyway we found ourselves at an intersection ... w/ The Pastrami King on one corner & Roastys on the other.
While waiting for the light to change
I imagined a scene out of Seinfeld...
That whole gang waiting in Line at The Pastrami King and George was asking for another pickle.. Jerry was trying to tell him, you get a pickle w/ your sandwhich.. DON'T ask The KING again!
George asked for another pickle
& was told NO MORE FOR YOU!!! Stand aside! Next!
The light changed & I was on my way. ;)

Posted by: JT | Mar 1, 2006 10:30:45 PM

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