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March  31

Fashionista Alert

Thread_1 Thread, a new Baristaville fashion stop, quietly opened its doors last Thursday. We had a peek inside the white washed shabby chic boutique, to check out the cool-colored must-have threads. It all shouts SUMMER!  Owner Kendra Lanzo said she loves her new digs at Watchung Plaza... She’s keeping company with fashion bastions Piazza della Sole and D’Moni, right around the corner. And despite only a bouquet of balloons at the door to say "We're Open", the local shoppers have  been flying through the doors.  Kendra keeps her flower filled shop stocked with comfortable, relaxed clothing, and she may even have some special promotions up her sleeve. Open seven days a week, 123 Watchung Avenue, 973-509-8892.

Here's Kendra!


March 31, 2006 in Shopping With Barista | Permalink


Quick! Call WWD! It appears from a casual glance through the windows at "Thread" that Pink is the new Pink! and Lime Green is the new Lime Green! For someone who once posed for the centerfold of an L.L. Bean catalog, I think this fashion news is exciting!

Posted by: Conan the Fashionista | Mar 31, 2006 2:07:46 PM

Pink & green...preppy colors. Yahoo!

Posted by: Miss Martta | Mar 31, 2006 2:09:20 PM

What a beautiful store! Simple but tasteful lines of clothing and accessories and most importantly, an owner who is not passionate about her business and her customers! Good luck Kendra!

Posted by: Creebomb | Mar 31, 2006 2:42:01 PM

Let me try that again...What a beautiful store! Simple but tasteful lines of clothing and accessories and most importantly, an owner who IS, may I repeat, IS passionate about her business and her customers! Good luck Kendra!

Posted by: Creebomb | Mar 31, 2006 2:43:17 PM

Kendra is a cutie but I hate pink.

Posted by: O'Max | Mar 31, 2006 2:45:20 PM

Kinda funny that the email address for this comment "Let me try that again...What a beautiful store! Simple but tasteful lines of clothing and accessories and most importantly, an owner who IS, may I repeat, IS passionate about her business and her customers! Good luck Kendra!"

comes from ccdaviet@yahoo.com

Forgive me- but isn't daviet kendra's maiden name?? Remind her to thank her Mom!

Posted by: anonymous | Mar 31, 2006 3:52:13 PM

I gotta say -- this is what I love about Baristanet -- a mix of news, politics, gossip, the police beat, food, real estate and shopping...all on the same day....bravo barsistas...

Posted by: Barista Fan# 99 | Mar 31, 2006 4:18:52 PM

Oy, I grew up near Greenwich, CT and the REAL prep colors are LOUD kelly green and BRIGHT red worn with a navy plaid jacket. Gurgle.

Posted by: Krys O. | Mar 31, 2006 4:20:05 PM

Does anyone remember the Preppy Handbook from around 1982-3. Wow, that was a popular book. (Written while my clenching teeth and turning up the collar of my Polo golf shirt)

Posted by: Iceman | Mar 31, 2006 5:01:40 PM

That book was my Bible!

Posted by: Miss Martta | Mar 31, 2006 5:02:14 PM

"And Bunny Bixler stepped on the ping-pong ball." (Intoned in teeth-clenched Larchmont Lockjaw!). Conan buys a drink to the first person who names that movie...

Posted by: Conan the Grammarian | Mar 31, 2006 5:45:25 PM

I liked it better the first way: "...and most importantly, an owner who is not passionate about..."
I thought that had some quirky meaning.

But what I really liked was someone else outing the poor girl's mother. Wow. You gotta love small town life.

Posted by: readitandweep | Mar 31, 2006 6:00:03 PM

I think it's "Auntie Mame," but it's probably late.

Posted by: cathar | Mar 31, 2006 6:08:04 PM

> (Intoned in teeth-clenched Larchmont Lockjaw!)

Thank you, Conan -- I think you've named the Thurston Howell III vocal style I've noticed in Liz Cho on ABC's Eyewitness News!

Posted by: Chris | Mar 31, 2006 6:34:24 PM

Methinks Cathar is right.

Posted by: Miss Martta | Mar 31, 2006 11:30:14 PM

Great store -- good luck kendra

Posted by: love this store | Apr 1, 2006 12:08:21 AM

I hope Kendra enjoys a long successful career in her new location, great to see Watchung Ave. area go through some renewal... now only if there was a bank in the area...

Posted by: nonanonymous | Apr 1, 2006 8:19:48 AM

Fashionistas? From walking by the store and the pic accompanying this story, to me, this does not look like a store for women who know about and love fashion. If I wanted to shop at J.Crew, I'd go to the mall!

In all seriousness, I would love to patronize local businesses instead of shopping in NYC, but with stores that look like clones of one another, what's a fashionista to do???

Posted by: belletrist | Apr 1, 2006 10:16:22 AM


Go to Ruby's on Church Street. Varied selection, wonderful owners and helpful staff. (and no, I am not a relative or on the payroll).

Posted by: talliewoo | Apr 1, 2006 11:51:21 AM

If going to Ruby's bring your wallet - a big one.

Posted by: tangomama | Apr 1, 2006 3:42:35 PM

If you're loking for style, go to Kawayan. Also,Maureen,the owner is as awesome as her store!

Posted by: wen | Apr 2, 2006 3:14:29 PM

Ah, me and the GF meet friends for a leisurely lunch at the Sandbar in Brielle. Talk about Preppy city. Some of the men with brightly colored shorts and madrass button-down shirts. "Yes, Tiffany, bring me another Bombay and Tonic." Some of the women looked like they were modeling for Talbots.

Posted by: Iceman | Apr 2, 2006 7:43:06 PM

Tastefully done! Quality clothing and accessories, the atmosphere is a breath of fresh air! Thanks Kendra
It's about time Montclair!!

Posted by: Kudos! | Apr 2, 2006 8:58:06 PM

$300 colanders make nice hats and also keep most of the mind control rays away from your brain. The little holes are a problem, but a small price to pay for a big fashion statement.

Posted by: crank | Apr 2, 2006 9:23:29 PM

I went to high school with Kendra. I think it's great that she has her own shop, regardless of anyone that's helped her. Isn't all about helping and supporting each other in whatever way we can. There's room on this Earth and especially in this town for everyone to be successful. Many blessings of light and prosperity to Kendra and all the businesses in Montclair and elsewhere!

Posted by: pennylane | Apr 6, 2006 10:02:54 AM

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