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March   2

Choose Your Chain

Yes, we know Urban Outfitters is coming, but in an article about the store in today's Montclair Times, there's talk that these four national retailers below have also expressed interest in downtown Montclair, specifically the Siena. Let's do the market research now...

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Where would you shop most?

Ann Taylor
The Children's Place
Jos. A. Bank

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March 2, 2006 in Buzz | Permalink


There's already a Children's Place in the same shopping center as the Bloomfield Stop-and-Shop. So my vote goes for Ann Taylor because they have good petites and because I never heard of the other two. What kind of stores are Chico's and Jos. A. Bank?

Posted by: Skipwith | Mar 2, 2006 11:48:10 AM

Jos A Bank is a men's clothier. I get many of my 'business casual' clothes from the store on rte 10 in Livingston.

Posted by: The Iceman | Mar 2, 2006 11:51:30 AM

Jos. A. Banks is a men's clothing store. Not sure what Chico's is. But I vote for Ann Taylor as well. You're right: great petites!

Posted by: Miss Martta | Mar 2, 2006 11:52:46 AM

From what I can tell, Chicco's is baggy, kind of frumpy, comfortable women's clothing store.

Posted by: talliewoo | Mar 2, 2006 11:54:28 AM

"Chicco's is baggy, kind of frumpy, comfortable women's clothing store."

In that case, how about a J.Jill? Their clothing is comfortable and mostly not frumpy. They can be a bit pricey, but have good sales. When I'm home, I *live* in a pair of their sweat -- excuse me, "yoga" pants!

Posted by: Skipwith | Mar 2, 2006 12:02:59 PM

I think the poll should have a 'none of the above' choice. In which that would be the one I'd pick.

Posted by: fussyhostess | Mar 2, 2006 12:07:41 PM

I voted for The Children's Place because I don't shop at the other stores. It would be nice to see a fun store like Express or even Sephora opening up in the area.

-- Dani

Posted by: Dani | Mar 2, 2006 12:27:46 PM

I like the "vibe" of the J.Jill stores -- like you could fall asleep in a chair and they wouldn't wake you until the store was closing for the night.

Posted by: talliewoo | Mar 2, 2006 12:41:53 PM

I like Ann Taylor, but a J Jill would be better or even an Anthropologie.

Posted by: caris | Mar 2, 2006 12:43:34 PM

Since there already is a Children's Place in Bloomfield, I'd vote for Chico's.

Posted by: Anne Prince | Mar 2, 2006 12:44:54 PM

Some other suggestions:

Brooks Brothers
Ralph Lauren

Posted by: Miss Martta | Mar 2, 2006 12:45:11 PM

Did somebody say McDonalds?

Posted by: appletony | Mar 2, 2006 1:12:47 PM

But it would have to be an upscale McDonald's, Appletony. The staff would have to wear Lacoste uniforms.

Posted by: Miss Martta | Mar 2, 2006 1:17:27 PM

I'd rather have an Ann Taylor loft than Ann taylor (cheaper!) but i love J. jill, too!

Posted by: agath | Mar 2, 2006 1:20:27 PM

Chico's has about 700 stores around the country that appeal to higher-income shoppers. The stores I've seen have been extremely attractive additions to the shopping area. Frumpy women probably like them because the clothing is loose cotton but worn on the right body Chico's fashions are very attractive. Chico's designers have a very good color sense.

Posted by: buycopy | Mar 2, 2006 1:23:26 PM

But it would have to be an upscale McDonald's, Appletony

The McDonald's on Broadway in the NYC financial district has a grand piano being played live during lunch.

(punchline: it's still a McDonald's)

Posted by: appletony | Mar 2, 2006 1:28:06 PM

Yeah, I heard about that although I have never been there. Only in America.

Posted by: Miss Martta | Mar 2, 2006 1:30:20 PM

All those choices (except Children's Place) sound like stores where I could get a $200 pair of socks to go with my $300 colander!

I vote for Gap Kids.

Posted by: Kay | Mar 2, 2006 1:35:30 PM

If they put a Sephora I would go broke!

Posted by: jb | Mar 2, 2006 1:43:31 PM

Where is the Bloomfield Stop-and-Shop? Had no idea there's a Children's Place there....

Posted by: hate to shop | Mar 2, 2006 1:50:35 PM

Marshalls--where overpriced duds are in my price range!

Posted by: Theresa | Mar 2, 2006 1:54:12 PM

"The McDonald's on Broadway in the NYC financial district has a grand piano being played live during lunch.

But they only play Barry Manilow tunes...

Posted by: Conan the Grammarian | Mar 2, 2006 2:00:11 PM

The Bloomfield Stop and Shop is all the way on the south end. It is huge! Follow Broad Street until it forks left (right before the Annie Sez) Follow the fork left (now Franklin St.) and continue straight, about 5 blocks. It is part of a strip mall, that also has a Blockbuster, and some clothing stores.

Super Stop & Shop
8 Franklin Street
Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Phone: (973) 743-6413

Posted by: hrhppg | Mar 2, 2006 2:01:49 PM

Marshall's or Daffy's would be better.

Posted by: Krys O. | Mar 2, 2006 3:26:43 PM

How about Habands?

Posted by: ccc | Mar 2, 2006 3:34:18 PM

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