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October   2

But What Does it Mean?

Spotted, by reader Jon Bonesteel, near Edgemont Park -- and all around Montclair.

October 2, 2005 in Seen around town | Permalink


two aliens in love, not allowed to park?

Posted by: Kevin Lee Allen | Oct 2, 2005 11:53:06 AM

Is it a cryptogram?

Is it graffiti?

Is it art?

Or is there a 2005 version of Keith Haring thriving on streets of Montclair just waiting to be discovered?

Posted by: Franklin | Oct 2, 2005 11:56:42 AM

it's graffiti art.

Posted by: julia | Oct 2, 2005 12:24:23 PM

That's fantastic. It looks alot like the work of Andrew Bell from Creatures Inside My Head fame.

Posted by: George Koroneos | Oct 2, 2005 12:26:30 PM

a "gang of wild" geese with fine taste in eyeware but bad potty habits staking claim to it's territory

Posted by: cstarling | Oct 2, 2005 1:05:51 PM

I just ran this picture by my teenage son and he said, "You're all wrong. It's nothing but a stupid figure made up by a kid named XXXXX XXXXXXXX. He draws it all over town.

He had more to say about this kid but I chose to edit it.

Posted by: sloan | Oct 2, 2005 1:15:22 PM


Posted by: frosty | Oct 2, 2005 1:29:52 PM

Young dracula penises in love

Posted by: Liz | Oct 2, 2005 3:42:24 PM

hey sloan,
can you ask your son to tell that kid that i pulled off the side of a washing machine that was painted and now have it in my house! but i gather from your post that maybe they're not the best of friends...ooh well.

Posted by: julia | Oct 2, 2005 4:22:10 PM

" pulled off the side of a washing machine that was painted and now have it in my house"

as art or evidence?

Posted by: Kevin Lee Allen | Oct 2, 2005 5:39:58 PM

Anyone familiar with Matt Groening's (Simpson's creator) rabbit/bunny character that preceded the Simpson's? Kinda reminds me of that...

Posted by: Jim | Oct 2, 2005 6:04:59 PM

Defintely two penises. One more endowed. Can still be by a stupid kid.

Posted by: Eden | Oct 2, 2005 7:03:45 PM

No another " Hot Rod the Cuz"

anyone remember that tag everywhere?

Posted by: Ed Manet | Oct 2, 2005 9:21:49 PM

as art!!!!

Posted by: julia | Oct 2, 2005 9:53:53 PM

i love graffiti like this and i hope it was done by a high school kid who hasn't been taught art at a college level yet because it'd be much more fun than if a tool-ass college kid did it.

Posted by: katie | Oct 3, 2005 1:37:41 AM

If we can only link this to the iris destruction. We are on their tails now!

Posted by: realhawker | Oct 3, 2005 11:07:53 AM

I saw a washing machine with that tag on the curb of Midland Ave. near the high school. Is that where you got your 'found' work of art?

There's also a tag on the MKA middle school building, on the side facing Valley Road. The kid must have gotten up on the roof to do that one.

Reminds me of my MHS days when a classmate did a 10'x40' technicolor tag ('Mars' was his moniker) that covered the entire back wall of the amphitheater. The administration clearly wanted to find out who did it and expell him, but it was such a work of art that they were also in awe.

Let's hope this kid knows how to draw the line (no pun intended) between pranks and actual destruction of property - a line he is clearly approaching.

Posted by: TwinDad | Oct 3, 2005 11:18:07 AM

I'm a fan of graffiti art, but this seems pretty boring. Oh well, eye of the beholder I guess.

Posted by: eleVate | Oct 3, 2005 11:39:34 AM

yep, that is the washing machine that i grabbed the side of. [i returned with a crowbar and a set of screw drivers] i teach at parsons in the city and have high hopes for this artist.

Posted by: julia | Oct 3, 2005 12:35:41 PM

I love this. I'm not a fan of "graffti art" but this is fun, cute even!

Posted by: somecloud | Oct 3, 2005 4:37:14 PM

i know, this art makes me happy.

Posted by: julia | Oct 3, 2005 6:19:13 PM

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