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August   5

Hotter Than A Bride In A Wedding Gown

Memeandfriends_2  Today was MeMe Roth's big day -- the Millburn mom/cupcake avenger's wedding challenge. Just to set the scene...it's August, 83 degrees and climbing, and you've asked women to join you in a challenge to fit into their wedding dresses. Unless you walked down the aisle in white terry cloth, this had to be a sweat fest. We caught a glimpse of MeMe, standing forlornly with a sign, and one other bride next to her, in the outdoor area reserved for doting fans of CBS' Early Show. We hear there was to be a procession scheduled at 9 am, through Central Park to Bethesda Fountain. For their sake, we hope they jump in the fountain at the end, or that people throw rice cupcakes water. Now MeMe is ready for her closeup...   

Meme That's her, standing on the left. You go, girl! Maybe she's got a bathing suit on underneath?

August 5, 2005 in Froth | Permalink


What do the pennants they're holding say? Does anyone know? I'd call this a cheap publicity stunt, but first I'd have to know what MeMe Roth (although a first name like MeMe is clearly a publicity stunt already, even if it was perpetrated by one's parents) is publicizing.

Posted by: cathar | Aug 5, 2005 11:26:02 AM

PS: I like the word wrap above. Well done.

Posted by: cathar | Aug 5, 2005 11:39:11 AM

Am I crazy: I have no interest whatsoever to get on television. None. Unless, of course, Publishers' Clearing House is coming with the big check, or Paris Hilton has come to ridicule me in some way in front of an audience millions. The whole country is absolutely obsessed with getting their mugs on TV. I have good friends, highly eduated and all that, and they come to New York and stand for hours outside in 95 degree heat peering in the windows of Katie Couric, the ABC show, etc. Just so that they can experience the magic of being on TV. I'm not trying to be holier than thou, but I just don't get it.

Posted by: montclair_is_crazy | Aug 5, 2005 12:02:19 PM

i guess they didn't have time to touch up their roots-(bad hair girls)-which leads me to make this comment God Bless MeMe's children-when mom (or dad)is running rampant it's no wonder the children of them are running rampant too ( marked by a menacing wildness, extravagance, or absence of restraint ) --and then you wonder about the irises????????????

Posted by: cstarling | Aug 5, 2005 12:12:56 PM

Looks like she needs a good conditioner.

Posted by: latebloomer | Aug 5, 2005 12:27:03 PM

mic -

I walk by several of these shows' studios every morning on the way to work. If the definition of crazy is not conforming, not being like everyone else, then I'd have to say that you are, indeed, crazy.

The one I understand least of all is the crowd across Times Square from the MTV studios. These people are a good 100 feet away and the studio is on the second floor. They can't possibly see a thing. Still, the crowd is so thick you have to walk in the street to get by. Never understood the cult of celebrity, much less the cult of psuedo-celebrity.

Posted by: MiloG | Aug 5, 2005 12:40:53 PM

who are the stylists on the early show? she looks like a garnier fructis "before" shot.

i'm only being critical about her appearance because she seems to think that way.


Posted by: efs | Aug 5, 2005 2:48:58 PM

Did anyone else notice she had a Letter-to-the-Editor in this month's issue of Playboy?

Kid you not. Same name, and it says the dateline "Millburn, NJ".

It's about how "MILF's" are sexy.


It's on the first page of letters, (page 15), bottom left.

Posted by: Reading It For The Articles | Aug 5, 2005 6:28:00 PM

What's an MILF??

Posted by: latebloomer | Aug 5, 2005 6:47:57 PM

Mom I'd Like to . . . .
I think you can figure out the rest.

Posted by: montclair_is_crazy | Aug 5, 2005 7:39:00 PM

Can we say "media whore?"

Posted by: Miss Martta | Aug 5, 2005 7:50:29 PM

Oh, goodness. As if her kids don't have enough to be embarassed about already.

Posted by: Alison Meyer | Aug 5, 2005 7:55:25 PM

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