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July  31

Gambling with the Roman Catholic Church

Bingo Mark your calendar. The progressive bingo prize at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Roman Catholic Church is up to at least $1,400. Your next chance to win is tomorrow, Monday, Aug. 1, at 7:30 pm. The church is at 94 Pine Street in Montclair.

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Alliance Rep Leaves Baristaville

Alliance_rep_2 Alliance Repertory Theatre Company, which found itself locked out of Bloomfield's Liberty Theater last fall and which had planned to relocate in Montclair, finds itself opening its seventh season in Paterson church basement instead.

"It was going to be an outrageous amount of money to bring it up to code," managing director Jerry Marino said of the Montclair space. He's hoping Bloomfield audiences will travel the extra five or six miles to support the theater at its new home at St. Michael's Church on Cianci Street in Paterson.

Alliance Repertory's season starts with "Children of a Lesser God" in September. More information about its location and calendar on its website.

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What's the Buzz?

Sitting on our front porch, sipping our coffee, reading a Nick Hornby novel, and wondering what exactly that sound all around us really is. Pray tell us, gentle reader, what the insect is that makes such a racket on a summer morn, yet never shows its face. Name that buzz.
(For best sound, use headphones.)

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God Works in Mysterious Ways

Jesus_in_hoboken You've heard the one about the Jesus statue in Hoboken that opened one of its eyes? Well, we got miracles too. Really.

My Ballot Box
What would count as a miracle in Baristaville?

The O in the Montclair logo straightens out without any human intervention.
Diner gets reservation at Fascino on first try.
Bloomfield High School construction is finished by Labor Day.
Watercooler allows post not about Montclair.
Property taxes plummet to less than $5,000.

View Results

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daily dish

July  30

Weird Knows No Limits

Markandmark Kudos to the Weird NJ guys who have managed to parlay their Weird vision to new and national extremes. On the History Channel (sneak preview tomorrow night; debut Monday at 10 pm), is Weird US . It promises to trace "bizarre and unusual stories of American history that have fallen through the cracks--and maybe were meant to stay there."

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Caffeinated Bliss or Evil Takeover

From reader Nancy Mehegan, a neat search feature that illustrates just how ubiquitous Starbucks has become and helps you find the chain wherever you travel this summer. The feature must be helpful to (or perhaps inspired by?) this guy. Where will the caffeine chain land next? Bloomfield? Verona? Iraq?

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Market Report

Head over to Montclair's Farmer's market today and catch chef Ryan DePersio of Fascino fame. He'll be dishing out free samples of something undoubtedly yummy from 11am - 12noon.

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daily dish

July  29

The Longest Dirty Joke

Aristocrats_poster It starts tonight, (albeit not yet in Baristaville), and we can't help but be intrigued by The Aristocrats. We've never actually heard the joke that inspired the movie, although after some searching, we've gotten the gist of the raunchy riff that hails back to vaudeville days. Going to see stand-up to support my own favorite comic, I've been privy to some pretty dirty stuff. Reviewers, who explain that reading the joke isn't as funny as seeing it performed by hundreds of comedians (duh!), seem to like it. So, we're asking -- will you see it? And have you heard the joke?

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Hip Hop Governor

The more we read about "acting" Governor Codey, the more we want to hang with him, especially now that we've learned he's thisclose with Jay-Z, according to USA Today.

It seems New Jersey Gov. Richard Codey and the music mogul, both huge hoops fans, were having dinner at a New Jersey Nets game and Codey boasted he could name the colleges of every player on the court.

I kicked his butt on it," he says.

When he's not hanging with celebs and mangling the word "bling," (he called it first bingle,then biggle) he's coaching b-ball and taking his "entourage" out for pies at Star Tavern. Dick, call us if you get to meet Beyonce; we'd be happy to join your entourage, or your "protection team" for that matter.

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Where Have All The Diners Gone?

For the last few weeks, signs on the door had mentioned that Willie's Diner was simply closed for renovation. This looks like something more, especially since there was a major renovation about 10 years ago. Will devoted fans from Glen Ridge and Bloomfield make the switch to the Nevada? Is another Dunkin Donuts planning to infiltrate? Stay tuned...(Photo by Paul Zalewski)

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