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May  20

New Life For Old Bikes

Sure, you can put your old bike out for bulky waste and hope someone doing the drive-by picks it up. But that someone is usually my neighbor Stephane Mortier, who actually scours the area for bikes to help Pedals For Progress. Instead of making work for Mortier (who has to then store said found bikes in his garage, much to his lovely wife Ruth's displeasure), eliminate the middle man and bring any used adult or child's bike directly to this weekend's Pedals for Progress event tomorrow, from 12-3 pm at Brookdale Baptist Church, 1350 Broad Street, Bloomfield.

You'll get a receipt for your taxes and the reward of knowing you did something good. Donated bikes are shipped out to developing countries where they make a difference by providing a vital source of transportation. It costs $28 to collect, process, ship, rebuild and distribute each bicycle. A donation toward shipping costs for all donations is necessary (suggested minimum $10 per item). All cash and material donations are fully tax deductible.

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I did this about a year ago. It's easy. They only ask for $10 to take the bike off your hands, but I think I gave them $25 because its a great cause. Keep the racks on. They need them. Think about it -- what is the major mode of transportation for the world's poor? Walking. I think we can do better than that for them.

Its a fantasic charity and I must say if you donate, you should go a treat yourself to a new Gary Fisher afterwards, as you are doing a real mitzvah!!

Posted by: Steven | May 20, 2005 1:48:49 PM

Where is everybody today? Cathar is in self-imposed exile. All right. But what about the rest of you? Some of you showed up early on and then vanished. Sorry, that's not good enough. Come on, folks, please. I've got a long work day ahead of me and frankly, I'm getting bored.

The bike drop-off is a good thing. I just threw out an old kid's bike in the last bulky waste--wish I had known. I'm sure I have one or two more rusting in the garage...

Posted by: walleroo | May 20, 2005 2:01:03 PM

well I have been very busy in old threads. Milo, Bob and I are chatting up a storm down there.

Posted by: Right of Center | May 20, 2005 2:03:04 PM

I'm just curious to see if Butch was right that the five or six of us who were having such a good time saying absolutely nothing were sucking up all the oxygen in the room. I didn't expect cathar to sulk away, but now it's an even better experiment.

Hopefully some of the people too shy to set sail into a maelstrom will willingly paddle into the calm. [Or insert some other lame metaphor here.]

Posted by: Lex | May 20, 2005 2:13:52 PM

Central Presbyterian Church at 46 Park Street is also looking for mountain bike donations - to be sent to support Shanti Bhavan and the activities of The George Foundation in India. Dr. Abraham George who is a the philanthopist set up a boarding school for the lowest castes -- he is truly an inspiration. He was on Charlie Rose this past Wednesday night....

Posted by: jmo | May 20, 2005 2:21:39 PM

Well, Lex, maybe I was wrong - maybe there's only a few who post period!

Or, maybe the topics just aren't that thrilling. (Some new faces came to the logo conversation)

Who knows!

Posted by: Butchcjg | May 20, 2005 2:22:35 PM

There do seem to be only a handful of us who really have a pathological Barista addiction.

Posted by: walleroo | May 20, 2005 2:33:31 PM

Lets talk about the Sadaam photos.

Dude is hung, huh?

Posted by: lc | May 20, 2005 2:35:18 PM

"lower castes" They are posters on NJ.com, right? Please? It isn't us, is is?

Posted by: Right of Center | May 20, 2005 2:37:16 PM


Posted by: Right of Center | May 20, 2005 2:37:59 PM

Butch -

No, I agree with your concept, if not your presentation of it. Every time I don't post for a week or two, new faces spring up. Walleroo, Chris, Pam, etc. Much as I try to do my part to keep the conversation going, as any good party guest should, being told twice in five minutes to shush... well, I do try not to be a boor.

Perhaps Barista is not the non-stop party I thought it was. Perhaps it is the high-school debating club, or the letters page of the local newspaper or the big room in the UN where everybody's wearing headphones listening in grave silence to each other until somebody bangs a shoe on the desk.

I'm just posting when I actually have something to say, is all. (Except for this, of course.) It just means I have to spew my nonsense elsewhere. Because bottling up nonsense can lead to serious gastro-intellectual consequences. And there's only so much tomato juice a person can drink.

I suggest we give it time. People don't get up the gumption to post right away. But, hey people! the first one is always the hardest! Come on, everybody's doing it.

Posted by: Lex | May 20, 2005 2:58:31 PM

Lex - Perhaps it can be a party - but, perhaps just trying to remain a bit more civil (we all tend to get uncivil) and a bit more welcoming of others into the thread. How do we draw others into the conversation? What would make someone want to post or continue to post? How do we stop from getting wrapped up in a 4-person universe. How do we try to respect the boundaries of each thread to some extent, etc.

Posted by: Butchcjg | May 20, 2005 3:06:17 PM

oh - i also want to note - Barista is one of the few blogs where I actually read the comments section. On mst others, I don't. Sometimes I'll post, but I never read the whole thread. I just post my one comment and then leave.

Posted by: Butchcjg | May 20, 2005 3:07:14 PM

I don't think I was uncivil, except to cathar, and I was just teasing him because he was being so dang serious and I didn't feel like being serious. I would reread the thread, but it now seems to be the longest thread in Barista history and I want to leave early today so I can cry into my beer that the pound is still sinking. Although at least the Euro is as well, now. Misery loves company.

If only I could get a seat at the bar at Egans. Where the heck did all those people drink before that place opened? It's freaking packed every night of the week.

Posted by: Lex | May 20, 2005 3:22:51 PM

This has the feel of Fridays during the summer. People taking off early to go here or there. Out enjoying the weather (nix that today). Or perhaps even hunkering down to get a lot of work done before the weekend. Either that, or the Rapture has really happened, and some of us have managed the first-class flight outta here (I would've thought all Barista nerds would have been Left Behind).

Posted by: Chris | May 20, 2005 3:24:25 PM

[If only I could get a seat at the bar at Egans. Where the heck did all those people drink before that place opened? It's freaking packed every night of the week.]

I had the same exact thought!

Where did these folks come from!

I haven't been there in a week - do they have the house microbrews back yet??

Posted by: Butchcjg | May 20, 2005 3:30:06 PM

Haven't been able to get close enough to the bar to tell. Somebody's always handing me back a beer.

But, see, now we're doing it again. All us old-timers chatting amongst ourselves about anything but bicycles. This time, however, it is NOT MY FAULT. It is Butch's. Don't hate me Barista.

I could use a nice stiff drink, though. A manhattan, perhaps. Or two. What's everybody else drinking?

Posted by: Lex | May 20, 2005 3:39:41 PM

Self-relflexivity is the curse of the 21rst Century.

Posted by: lc | May 20, 2005 3:46:03 PM

Well, I'm still on the road but keeping an eye on B'net. Haven't been posting because I'm getting kind of shy with wonderment over the quick wit of all you wordsmiths and I can only put in about one cents worth (maybe only1/2 cent) when I'm conscious. Keep up the good threads....>(;o})8===

Posted by: PAZ in NYC | May 20, 2005 4:29:00 PM

Went to Egan's Tuesday night with some friends figuring we could get in and we got a table in the back - it was about 10pmish - had a good seafood pie and a pint, then followed up with a good irish coffee! Same though though...were DID all these people come from? Left about 11:30 and the bar was still packed! Good food, just a tad too loud for me.

Posted by: Anne | May 20, 2005 5:45:14 PM

Only emerging to correct misapprehensions (not "self-imposed exile,", but blissful semi-productivity in so many other areas, and don't presume to speak for me, anyone), I see butch is still both resolutely dim and suffering from verbal logorrhea (the woman is on so many threads, and in so bloated a fashion, she now constitutes a great big, tangled skein of miseducation), and walleroo is getting desperate. Go back to work, all of you. Go look at your families and lovers and friends. The meek no longer have a chance of inheriting the earth, and it hurts to have to face that. But the yawping ninnyism? I don't miss that. Remember the sad aspect of Norm and Cliff on "Cheers," the idea they had nothing else really to do? It could be catching. It's been a good three days, and no one outside of this website much cares what movie you've seen, whether or not you miss a barbecue restaurant, etc. Go read Kafka, for God's sake. Better yet, a real, great, American writer, James M. Cain.

Posted by: cathar | May 20, 2005 10:45:01 PM


Posted by: Pam | May 20, 2005 10:51:06 PM

Mr. Cathar:

Your post is quite ironic.

1) Your screen name is on far more threads than almost every other screen name, yet you cast stones?

2) You are here on a Friday night and you are giving everyone else a lecture on getting a life?

(I've seen these individuals put up with you and even given you compliments but now you bash them and call their lives pitiful)

3) You have the audacity to bash the content of the topics (movies & bbq), yet you use more of the Barista's bandwith than most others.

Sorry I just had to say something.
God bless.

Posted by: Where did 1964 go? | May 20, 2005 11:05:18 PM

Welcome back, Cathar.

Posted by: walleroo | May 21, 2005 12:17:48 AM

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