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May   2

Dogs Rule!

Dogs_ruleDogs did rule yesterday at Dog Day Montclair, an extravaganza of canine-related foolery and fun. Inside the Clary Anderson arena, dogs and their owners preened, pranced and pawed for competitions ranging from Best Dancing Dog (won by Bobbi Brown's Pup Pup) to Fastest Eater. Outside, a dog-themed street fair offered muttwear, fancy leashes and dog oil paintings.

Best_lookalike And listen up, Glen Ridge and Bloomfield: the event grossed $75,000. Of that, $16,000 will go to Montclair High School's Crew Team, which ran the event, to buy new boats. The $16,000 represents the profit on just the calendar; people paid $1,000 to have their dogs pictured. The rest goes to the Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence.

Man_with_pooch Big_white_dog Bobbis_dancing_dog

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Plofker's dog won? Oh my. I think I just heard all the virtual knife sharpening grinders in all of Baristropolis stop simultaneously - their verbal "blades" now ready for use!

Posted by: Right of Center | May 2, 2005 10:12:24 AM

Aha! Now we know who was backing the shin dig: the Brown-Plofker-Remsen axis. I've got a bone to pick on this one, if I can only find it. Maybe it's buried in the back yard. Damn you, dancing dog!

Posted by: walleroo | May 2, 2005 10:46:59 AM

Awww...doggies and I missed them! :-(...I was in Summit yesterday doing a race and then off to visit relatives. Oh, well, thanks for the Labby pic...made my day.

Posted by: Miss Martta | May 2, 2005 11:04:53 AM

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

Sorry to disappoint.

Posted by: latebloomer | May 2, 2005 11:36:14 AM

More proof we live in Plofkervile!

Posted by: Hello | May 2, 2005 11:37:13 AM

Pup pup was adorable and won the best dancing contest on her own merits. Who cares who her owners are. The Dog Day event was a great way to start off May in Montclair.

Posted by: Mary Tetzloff | May 2, 2005 2:32:34 PM

sadly, Lex's Dog didn't even make and honourable mention.

But the 4-wheel dolly they trundled him around on was quite fetching!

Posted by: Right of Center | May 2, 2005 3:09:24 PM

(bit he did receive the Goodyear Tires "special award")

Posted by: Right of Center | May 2, 2005 3:10:27 PM

Butch's Butchy won for "most likely to wear the spike collar inside-out".

But, sad to say, my little "Rigtie" was disqualified on a "technicality"

Posted by: Right of Center | May 2, 2005 3:24:26 PM

That's pretty funny, ROC.

Mary, relax. We're just kidding around.

Posted by: walleroo | May 2, 2005 3:29:27 PM


I don't think "Hello" né "latebloomer" is!

Posted by: Right of Center | May 2, 2005 3:34:58 PM

Well, all I can say is that dog don't hunt.

Posted by: Lex | May 2, 2005 4:04:31 PM

I love it when people wear fur to animal events.

Posted by: Tom | May 2, 2005 4:18:03 PM

I told you, Scarlett!!

And I don't use fake names, just my REAL fake name!!

Posted by: latebloomer | May 2, 2005 4:21:09 PM

Tom, dahling, whatever would we go to dog shows for if not to window shop for next season's fashions?

Posted by: Cruella DeVille | May 2, 2005 4:36:17 PM


Posted by: Right of Center | May 2, 2005 4:36:25 PM

How can someone who owns a dog wear fur? Sheesh!

Posted by: Miss Martta | May 2, 2005 4:38:48 PM

Miss Martta- how can you say you own a dog unless you're wearing it?

Posted by: Cruella DeVille | May 2, 2005 5:02:50 PM

Not that I want to squelch anyone's God given right at self-righteousness (God knows). But that is either the ugliest fur coat in existence. (and she must be sweltering I might ad) Or, much more likely a "doggie outfit" as-in a costume, as-in polyester "fur", as-in made from oil (Probably Saudi , but I digress).

Posted by: Right of Center | May 2, 2005 5:14:07 PM

I think that might be Late Bloomer in the fur... And she says she doesn't give a damn? She's just being coy.

Posted by: walleroo | May 2, 2005 6:41:26 PM

Pup Pup, who was handled by a 7 year old, won the Best Dancing Dog event because they were both adorable and Pup Pup is obviously a fabulous dancer! All the entries were by number NOT NAME. The real Blue Ribbon Winner is not Steven Plofker, Bobbi Brown or even Pup Pup,but the Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence and the Montclair Puplic Schools.

Posted by: Lori Beitler- Dog Day Co-Chair | May 2, 2005 7:10:57 PM

Thanks for the press release.

Posted by: walleroo | May 2, 2005 7:18:48 PM

Even though I wouldn't dare try to enter into the banter that is so entertaining on Barista, I just have to say, in all the years of fund-raising that I have been involved with, that is the greatest one I've ever seen. Everyone loves their "dawgies" so this fund-raiser appealed to everyone. I'm way way way impressed.

Posted by: annie oakley | May 2, 2005 8:06:06 PM

"as-in polyester "fur", as-in made from oil (Probably Saudi , but I digress)."

Aha, but that comes from fossils, which come from.....animals! :-)

Posted by: Miss Martta | May 2, 2005 10:20:35 PM

is there going to be a second annual dog day? i must know! i want to bring my doggie this year since he was just a week old last year it went on! yaaay doggies awww puppy puppy puppy.

Posted by: katie | Mar 25, 2006 2:48:28 PM

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