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April   5

Talk about Your Dog and Pony Shows

Dog_parkPhoto op of the day: American flags, local politicians, white chairs, canines and doggie treats. And it all went down at noon at Watsessing Park, where county comish Joey DiVincenzo opened Essex County's first official off-leash dog facility. (Shhhh. Don't tell them about all the dogs that run around in the wooded oval of Brookdale Park.) The fenced 19,500 square foot "state of the art" dog park features a fully stocked plastic poop-bag dispenser and the "pièce de résistance," Doggy_fountain DiVincenzo said, "a unique doggy water fountain" -- all towards the goal of allowing dogs to "recreate" (we don't think he meant it in the mating sense). The dog park was paid for by EPA, which had Superfund trailers there. The site is located near Locust Ave. behind Bloomfield's Watsessing School.

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Gotta love Mr. Parks and Recreation. I think, by the way, you mean "procreate," which the dogs will be doing plenty at this new facility I'm sure.

Posted by: Marshall | Apr 5, 2005 3:39:32 PM

Paid for by the EPA? The same EPA that said it is powerless to protect the air quality environment at BHS! That's hysterical.

But... we are looking forward to using the new dog park, however it was paid for! Should be fun.

Posted by: gc | Apr 5, 2005 3:41:01 PM

They put in fountains for ROC and Cathar, how cute.

Posted by: lc | Apr 5, 2005 3:43:20 PM

Correction - it is across the street from Watsesing School.

Posted by: Anne | Apr 5, 2005 3:51:31 PM

well, a dog park is a good thing, but I always suggest following the money to the pile of debt when it comes to the county. JoeyD studied accounting at Enron and we the people will be paying for this dog park for generations, I am sure.

Posted by: Kevin Lee Allen | Apr 5, 2005 3:57:01 PM

Dogs procreating on a former Superfund site? Baristaville will soon be overrun by pooches the size of ponies. (Sorry. I just had to get ponies into this dog-and-pony-show story.)

Posted by: Chris | Apr 5, 2005 3:58:53 PM

On could do worse than being compared to a dog, a lot worse, especially in Baristaville, where, it seems, their "recreation" is a concern for the politicos.

I remember long ago on an island off the coast of South America I sat down one very hot and humid August evening and had quite a nice meal. It was an open-air affair with palm fronds for a roof. The fresh sea food was terrific.

Now, in such a place the dogs are not so good looking, healthy or even genetically distinct from one another, but they are obviously are well acquainted with real hunger.

Towards the end of my meal I tossed a scrap onto the beach for one of the dogs at some distance and was then quickly and violently escorted from the premises. Tossed into the street even with much profanity and arm gesticulating.

The chef was quite insulted by my giving his "people food" to a dog.

Now in a place such as that where even human children selling gum in the streets look much less healthy than your average Baristaville dog, I suppose he was right to take the action he did.

I have never looked at a dog in quite the same way.

I wonder what he would make of the water fountain...

Posted by: Right of Center | Apr 5, 2005 4:27:35 PM

I am "pro" anything that benefits dogs!


Posted by: Miss Martta | Apr 5, 2005 4:28:03 PM


Sorry...try this.

Posted by: Miss Martta | Apr 5, 2005 4:29:10 PM

Miss Marta - what a sweetie - thanks for sharing that wonderful picture!

Posted by: Anne | Apr 5, 2005 5:00:12 PM

I'm sorry, but I really think the world is inside out......I agree with G.C. DEP is ridiculous.

Posted by: annie oakley | Apr 5, 2005 5:00:53 PM

Thanks, Anne...that's my God dog, Chief, weighing in at 89 lbs!

Posted by: Miss Martta | Apr 5, 2005 8:19:51 PM

"New Dog Park Draws Rrraves"


Posted by: Chris | Apr 7, 2005 7:51:14 AM

Awww! Love the headline!

Posted by: Miss Martta | Apr 7, 2005 9:12:34 AM

And if you actually get the hard copy of the paper, one of the dogs pictured is mine (Pinto, the black & white one).

He can't get enough of that place and it sure beats him tearing the bejesus out of my (muddy!) back yard. The other dog belongs to the daughter of Michael McGrath (Patsy in Spamalot)

Posted by: Anne | Apr 7, 2005 12:20:41 PM

The Manhattanization of Baristaville continues... and I can't say I'm opposed. Now if only Watessing could get chess tables for the old men, a dried fountain for kids to skateboard in, a huge marble arch on Bloomfield Avenue, guys walking through it begging "smoke, smoke?" Maybe book and art fairs during the warm months?

Posted by: Notteham | Apr 7, 2005 1:54:26 PM

Well, there are actually chess tables in the park already with built in seats, although some of them cracked already. They are working on a skateboard park near Memorial Park so that is covered, we already have an mini arch at the entrance, and unfortunately also have the smoke guys as well! However, I love the book/art fair ideas and am sure that the WPC (Watsessing Park Conservancy) is exploring opportunities to utilize the park in the warmer weather.

Posted by: Anne | Apr 7, 2005 2:31:03 PM

wow - so much to comment on, and so little space!

to annie oakley - EPA (Feds), not DEP (State)

to Right of Ctr - perspective is everything - maybe if you visit, you'll be able to see a different light shed on the dogs...

to Notteham - agree with Anne's comments and as a WPC trustee I can say, yes, things-are-a-brewin' in Watsessing Park. Look out for storytime requests for volunteers to read to the youth. Watch out for postings to see a movie on a warm summer eve.
Hmmm... an arch.... gotta work on that one.

Posted by: Doreen | Apr 8, 2005 9:55:43 AM

Tried to put in a plug by e-mail (reply copy below) for a Dog Park in Glenfield Park in Montclair with County Exec Joseph DiVincenzo Jr. ...any other help on this campaign will be welcome and appreciated....

From : Joseph DiVincenzo
A schedule has not been set yet. Thank you for your kind words and I hope you continue to enjoy our parks.

Posted by: SKR | Apr 14, 2005 11:21:40 AM

I went out looking for this new park and I can't find it..... My 2 ladies (Chanel & Biskit)were eager to go have some fun but I don't have an exact address. Please help!!!

Posted by: Carlina Fancher | Apr 19, 2005 11:19:16 PM

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/watsessingdogpark/ Watsessing Dog Park Forum.

This group is for people and their dogs who frequent the Watsessing Dogpark in Bloomfield, NJ
(Locust Steet between JFK Drive South and Prospect)

Posted by: SKR | May 10, 2005 1:56:13 PM

I think the dog park is one of the best things that happend to Bloomfield and Watsessing. It brings a postitive flow of people to the area. Below are some of the commentaries that have been posted to:



As soon as I saw the article about the park, I brought Dingle. It is a great park

We live in Watsessing Heights and take our dog to the dog park every day.

Hi -- live over in GR and have been aching for a dog park for years!

I am one of many active members of the dog park and must say it is a blessing.

I visit the park frequently during the week with my dog Scooter. This is the best thing that has happened to Bloomfield and any dog owner.

I want you to know that the park is really great!! I love it and so does Pugsley. Can you guess what breed he is? O.K. you guessed it; a Pug. We love the park. It's great to see all the dogs and "humans" socializing with each other. The dogs have a great time. We love the park and it's something that
is desperately needed throughout all of Essex County. I'd love to see more of these parks. It's so less stressful and it's also a learning experience. Great park.

I am truly thrilled that the Watsessing Dog Park has been established in Essex County. I plan to frequent the dog park more often and would like my dog to meet other dogs and their owners.

Posted by: Joachim Becker | Jun 3, 2005 8:19:15 PM

People complain when the dogs run loose in the park, so now there is a place where they are controlled and you still complain??? Also all the dogs that visit the park are "fixed" so no worries about procreating.

Posted by: Christel | Jun 4, 2005 4:35:28 AM

I don't understand what all this talk is about procreating in the dog park. As if dogs are just let loose to mate. What is the problem? The park is a great place for people to take their dogs, socialize and let the dogs have exercise. Stop being ignorant!

Posted by: Karen | Jun 4, 2005 1:57:38 PM

Wag, smile, click.

Posted by: Dave | Jun 5, 2005 10:01:39 AM

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