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March   3

Question: Did He Bring Cuffs or Buy Them There?

Seems that the town of Montclair has a beef with Dressing for Pleasure. Apparently, pleasure of the XXX variety isn't supposed to happen within 1,000 feet of a school, and Glenfield is right around the corner. They even sent an inspector in, undercover, to case the joint.

More here.

March 3, 2005 in Controversy | Permalink


Better a sexy lingerie shop than an ammo store.

Posted by: moe | Mar 3, 2005 5:11:48 PM

Would you object to bullet bras?

Posted by: Chris | Mar 3, 2005 5:18:45 PM

I grew up in Bergen county and in the 1980's someone tried to open a lingerie store called "Wizard of Bras" and the town said no. The name was changed to WOB lingerie - just not the same thing. But it's still there today.

Posted by: ridger120 | Mar 3, 2005 5:25:04 PM

i'm not sure why there's a big deal. they have a seperate room in the back where all of the cuffs, etc are.

Posted by: butchcjg | Mar 3, 2005 5:43:37 PM

honestly, i wish people would get as upset about the vending machines selling soda and junk food in the schools.

Posted by: fran | Mar 3, 2005 5:45:41 PM

I do believe the shop is closer to Mount Hebron than it is to Glenfield. Correct me if I'm worng.

Posted by: Tony | Mar 3, 2005 6:26:36 PM

The store was for years in Upper Montclair, in a much more discrete store tucked away in the Mews behind the stores near Baby Boom. The law is pretty clear about being within 1,000 feet of a school and we've had a lot of complaints. And, responding to an earlier story, I was approached by the Caffeine Alliance asking the Council to pass a resolution about the evils of caffeine. That's akin to making a statement about the evils of wine in France and we suggested that if they really wanted to educate the kids, they approach the public schools and ask if they could distribute materials.

Ed Remsen

Posted by: Ed Remsen | Mar 3, 2005 6:33:06 PM

So it's okay to sell bras and panties and corsets within 1000 feet, but not fuzzy handcuffs or blindfolds in a back room?

Have you actually been in there, Mayor Remsen? Everything like that it tucked away in the back. And, you have to be 18 to go through their doors!

It's a lot less perverted than the that Montclair Video Store up the road!

Posted by: butchcjg | Mar 3, 2005 7:05:20 PM

i agree with fran. ban the pepsi, keep the sexy mannequins.

Posted by: moe | Mar 3, 2005 7:56:11 PM

I have a lot of problems with this story. First, when this couple put in a bid to take over/buy the store on Bloomfield Ave., weren't they required by law to tell the township what type of store it was? If so, why are they being persecuted now, after the store has been open??? I mean, if the township knew what Dressing for Pleasure was, what did they expect in the store window? Lawnmowers?

Secondly, while there might be some retail establishments in Montclair, or in Essex County, for that matter, whose "philosophy" I might not dig, do they offend me? Not at all. For example, I don't care for tattoos. But do I get my knickers in a wad when I pass by one of Montclair's 2 tattoo parlors? No.

Third, have you seen some of the clothes that pre-teen and teen kids are wearing to school today? They make the stuff in the store window look tame. I rest my case.

Fourth, Dressing for Pleasure is a legitimate retail establishment. They pay rent, taxes and attract shoppers to town just like every other store. And, like Butch says, no one under 21 is allowed and they keep the kinkier merchandise in the back, out of the sight of the pwecious sproglings who might be scarred for life from seeing a bikini on a mannequin.

{{{{{{I am waiting for the mothership to take me away now}}}}}}}}.

Posted by: Miss Martta | Mar 3, 2005 9:19:28 PM

Well put, Miss M. It would be shameful to put these people out of business just because a few people complained. I have a kid in middle school (though not Glenfield) and believe me the least of my worries is that she sees scantily clad mannikins. Show some spine, Ed.

By the way, I'm not in the retail business, but it strikes me as odd that a retailer would have to tell the town what kind of business it was in before buying a shop.

Posted by: moose | Mar 3, 2005 10:26:32 PM

Actually, Tony, the old Dressing for Pleasure was closer to Mt. Hebron. The new Dressing for Pleasure, at 220 Bloomfield Ave., is just .3 mile away from Glenfield. Map here.

Posted by: The Barista | Mar 3, 2005 11:03:57 PM

This is a very tame store. The window features a bikini skinned in faux roses, A huge bikini, compared to what I saw on the beach last summer.A tamer window than the lingerie window on the old Ladies Olympic Shop in Upper Montclair.

This business has a huge reputation and draws customers from far and wide, a benefit to the entire downtown.

Leave them alone.

Posted by: Kevin Lee Allen | Mar 4, 2005 8:46:15 AM

If any teenagers do wander in, I hope the store will give them free condoms.

Posted by: Jessica | Mar 4, 2005 9:19:02 AM

Frankly, anyone who thinks that even the back room materials at a store like this are foreign to the minds of middle schoolers is stupefyingly naive. Even when I was in middle school, more than 20 years ago, sex toys (and far more lurid subjects) were fodder for dirty jokes and innuendo in the cafeteria.

Clearly, there are some good reasons for mature materials to be kept out of storefront windows. But before raising a hue and cry and synthesizing a problem for a local business owner, it might also do to be a little more realistic about the "innocent young minds" we're supposedly protecting.

Posted by: David P. Powell | Mar 4, 2005 10:20:18 AM

I appreciate all of the support from the community that I have recieved here. With 3 kids(ages 2, 6, and 7), this business (my home on the line), and my involvement with church and community outreach programs, I don't have the time to do this usually. I just wanted to tell everyone thanks again for the support and clear up a few points. We do not sell "adult toys" or pornography of any sort. We sell clothing and shoes, which I have no problem with my children seeing. Our displays have always been as tame as anything you would see in a mall. The lifestyle items have always been kept behind an opaque curtain. I have to admit to feeling very hurt when I heard people telling outright lies to the media. Non-profit causes that directly benefit children in any way have always been dear to my heart...always. To think that someone thought I was doing something in any way harmful to their child hurt me immensely. To this date, I have not had a single parent say a word to me, though. I have taken great care in my life and with this store to be well within socially acceptable standards with regards to what I allow children to be exposed to. I'm sorry that we did have a problem with the town and I hope that our efforts at concealing the lingerie will be enough.
All the best! Karen

Posted by: Karen Dougherty | Mar 5, 2005 7:53:55 PM

A sexually oriented business is not allowed within 1000 feet of a school...and it's not allowed AT ALL in the C-1 business district of Montclair. A sexually oriented business is one that sells/displays adult toys and/or pornography and/or is a go-go bar. Dressing For Pleasure is in the district and does not sell those items. Montclair Video is also in the C-1 business district. Hmmmm....

Posted by: a friend | Mar 5, 2005 8:10:42 PM

In response to ed remsen & the caffeine awareness alliance. When this Mayor of Montclair was unwilling to sign we went to the Governor. The rest is below....

NJ Governor Proclaims Month of March for Caffeine Awareness

Encourages Citizens to Visit www.CaffeineAwareness.org To Learn about the Serious Health Risk Associated with Caffeine Consumption

New Jersey - (March 1, 2005) Governor Richard J. Codey today proclaimed the entire month of March as “National Caffeine Awareness Month” in New Jersey State giving a major jolt to the crusade against the addictive drug. This marks the first time the New Jersey State has recognized this event, now in its third year.

“Caffeine-induced stress can produce mood swings and insomnia, increased muscle tension, impair digestion and nutrition, restrict blood circulation to the brain, raise blood pressure and accelerate the heart rate,” Governor Codey said.

The proclamation focuses on the abuse of caffeine through its popular delivery system, coffee. It cites a government study stating "at least 68,240,000 Americans drink three cups of coffee or more every day." And that "30 million drink at least five cups a day or more and 21 million drink six or more cups of coffee a day."

One of the major goals of National Caffeine Awareness month is to educate consumers so that they can make informed choices including healthier alternatives. Marina Kushner, founder of the Caffeine Awareness Alliance, a non-profit organization which sponsors the event, is also the developer of Soyfee, a popular coffee substitute made entirely from organic soybeans. Soy has been proven to help lower cholesterol, promote strong bones, and fight heart disease.

The Governor stated “the caffeine found in sodas has been linked to nervousness, insomnia, attention-deficit disorders, increased motor activity in children and even caffeine addiction."

“With National Caffeine Awareness Month brewing up all over the country, hopefully the public will be better informed, and start making healthier choices that are not habit-forming” said Ms. Kushner.

Kushner explains, "During this month, we hope to reach out to educate businesses and consumers about the risk associated with caffeine dependency and to raise awareness about the impact it has on our society." Activities for the month include radio and tv interviews to address the issues, the distribution of information pamphlets, and working with the medical community to help inform their patients.

For more information about National Caffeine Awareness Month, please visit the website www.CaffeineAwareness.org.

Posted by: sara | Mar 8, 2005 6:57:02 PM

I have nothing against sexy lingerie but I agree that the laws should be followed and puples shouldn't live an adult life they will have enough time for that.

Posted by: Lingerie girl | Nov 22, 2005 4:23:06 AM

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