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February  28

It's Time to Play You Be the Superintendent!
What would you do?
Call the schools closed before midnight so everybody can go to bed happy.
Wait until 3 am and close the schools if the street in front of you isn't plowed.
Late Opening
A little snow never hurt anyone.
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Snow Day Tuesday???

We just heard that Verona schools have already announced a snow day for tomorrow. Anyone have insider info on Montclair, Glen Ridge and Bloomfield?

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The Plot Thickens...

In the "restaurants up for sale" category, we've learned that La Giada on Bloomfield Ave in Montclair is on the block. The business is listed for $135,000, and for those that are keeping track, that's along with Church Street Cafe at $750,000, and the mystery restaurant, listed for $1,050,000, which is looking more and more like Leone's. For $135,000, buying La Giada may just be cheaper than redoing my kitchen, and I wouldn't have to cook anymore. Anyone want to go halfsies?

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Snow Spoiler

Here's what's cancelled so far:

  • Boy Scout Troop 13 open house -- originally scheduled for tonight -- rescheduled for next Monday.
  • "Thomas Jefferson and His Music" at the GR Women’s Club, scheduled for tomorrow (3/1) is cancelled.
  • Tonight's Bloomfield Township Council meeting has been rescheduled, for Wednesday, 3/2, same time and place.
  • Montclair's Environmental Commission's Public Forum (proposed changes to the Township's Master Plan) scheduled for 7:30 p.m. tonight is cancelled.
  • Montclair Art Museum Yard School of Art classes that meet after 3pm today will be cancelled. These include Cartooning, Build It!, Young Teen Drawing, Intro to Painting and Intro to Drawing.
  • Montclair's BOE meeting for tonight rescheduled for Wednesday.
  • From the Glen Ridge BOE:

  • Glen Ridge BOE meeting cancelled
  • If you have children in the After School Child Care Program, please pick them up as soon as possible.
  • Girl's Basketball State game postponed until Wednesday, March 2nd
  • All after-school activities have been cancelled
  • The Glen Ridge Public Library closed at 5 pm today (instead of 8 pm). On Tuesday, it has a delayed opening ofl 11 am.
  • To have your cancellations posted , click here

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    Two Reasons to Go to Church Street Cafe

    Mattawang_pond_el_2 1. A new art exhibit of inkjet-printed digital photographs by Montclair writer/photographer Eric Levin. The picture is of a drainage pond on the Mattawong Golf Course in Belle Mead. "I have never seen algae so thick and vibrantly green, nor a scene in nature (if you can call it that) so placidly bizarre and weirdly beautiful," Levin tells us.

    2. A 10% discount for Baristanet readers for lunch and dinner, Monday through Friday. Just mention Barista.

    Church Street Cafe is located here.

    February 28, 2005 in Buzz | Permalink | Comments (2)

    Avocado Anyone?

    Bathroom_1 I could just wait until this bathroom comes back in vogue. Subway tiles are all the rage, so why not avocado formica. Seriously, got a quote for a renovation of this bath at a local kitchen/bath shop. I'm still dealing with sticker shock -- $20-$25,000, not counting materials (i.e. shower, toilet, sink, tile, etc.) Just so we're clear, we're not talking a master bath, no Jacuzzi tub, bidet, or even towel warmers. We're just looking to bring this baby up to speed. Are you surprised, or is this merely the cost of living and using the loo? If you've recently done a similar job for less, post your experience here.

    February 28, 2005 in Sheesh! | Permalink | Comments (20)

    Pool of Death?

    You read it here, and it has since become a hot topic among Cooleristas, many of whom are not willing to give up the ghost of a secret pool, despite floorplans of the Mount Hebron school's basement and other hard evidence.

    When I was at Mt. Hebron, there was this dead end section in the back and locked doors leading from the locker room and from outside. Whereever they went we weren't allowed and the teachers said it was the pool....someone drowned and they closed it.

    We admit we'd like to know what lies behind those locked doors, if they, in fact, exist? If there is a pool, does that cancel plans for the one at Elm Street? And who's going to write the letter to Weird NJ? The story's longevity may have something to do with an eerily familiar bit of folklore that appeared as The Tale of The Deadman's Float, an episode of Nickelodeon's now-defunct Are You Afraid of the Dark? 

    February 28, 2005 in Really Freaking Weird | Permalink | Comments (7)

    Oscar, Oscar

    Vavavoom_1 Missed the Oscars last night, but after a quick perusal of People and Entertainment Weekly, I feel completely caught up. For those who enjoy seeing best/worst dressed, they've got the photos, as well as some backstage banter from Chris Rock and others...

    Talking about the victories of Morgan Freeman (Best Supporting Actor for Million Dollar Baby) and Jamie Foxx (Best Actor for Ray), Rock said, ''It always feels good to see some color in the room that don't have mops.'' On the same subject, Freeman said, ''It means that Hollywood is continuing to make history. Life goes on. Things change. They never stay the same. So we're evolving with the rest of the world.''

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    daily dish

    February  27

    Big One Coming?

    Forecast is for 8" to 14" by tomorrow night. In anticipation of the storm, NJ Transit has announced that it will cross-honor all NJ Transit bus, rail and light-rail passes on Monday.

    As the snow progresses, send us your pictures and war stories.

    February 27, 2005 in Buzz | Permalink | Comments (2)

    Could This Be Another Nov. 2?

    We're just saying, 15 minutes before the Oscars begins, that Baristaville may not be the greatest indicator of who will win Best Picture. (And if The Aviator wins, it's Ohio's fault.)

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